Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Battersea Decorative Fair

Everyone's been talking about how miserable the London weather has overall been this spring, so when handed a gloomy, wet day, we are always looking for something to do indoors. Such was the case a few weeks ago, when we headed to the Battersea Park Decorative Fair--an indoor antique fair situated in the lovely Battersea Park just across the Thames River from our house.

We were greeted by a topiary in honor of the Queen--it is her Jubilee year, you know.

Just inside the door, my eyes were drawn to these angel wings. Such a beautiful accent piece.

I loved the booths with the rustic touch and

any outdoor garden accents.

Could have seriously bought many items at those two booths, if time and money had been more fluid!

Crowns were a popular decorating motif.

And vintage kitchen items always draw a lot of interest.

Chests, or "commodes" as the French call them were given places of prominence.

I would have liked to have had all three

of these commodes. As you can tell, I'm drawn more to French, and sometimes Swedish antiques, more than the English antiques, and this fair offered a few of those items that really were beautiful, such as this 18th century French commode with its original painted finish. £5950

Another French piece---this incredible armoire--beautiful!

And if I could have been more decisive, this table would have gone home with me. I left thinking I would come back the next day with hubby after he flew in from his overseas flight, but that was not to be, since his flight was delayed enough to miss the show completely.

Guess that was a sign that I didn't really need it, but I have to admit I think about it every now and then. 
Dating from the 1860's this "bureau plat" with drop leaf sides boasted a seaweed marquetry that was exquisite, and the top when raised revealed a ladies mirror framed in gold bronze. The front drawer opened up to a writing top in its original velvet.

Have you ever left a purchase behind that you dream about and wish you had grabbed it when you could?


  1. Hi Debi! You have such wonderful taste – everything you photographed is gorgeous! I agree about the garden accents. I love them! And yes, I hesitated on buying two cane backed French armchairs at a second hand store. They were only $75 each but I wasn't sure about the upholstery. I told the woman I'd call her in the morning and then I forgot! I think about them every week. :)

  2. Oh so sorry you didn't get that pretty little table! And I've never seen a armoire with glass like that. So beautiful!

    I find it interesting that the English language has such a different use for the word commode :)

    Speaking of vintage, I wandered onto a blog the other day and saw where someone posted a picture of her thrift store finds for the day. One of her "finds" was a glass bowl I've had for years and still use quite often. I think I bought it right before we got married. Made me wonder what else someone else would see as vintage in my kitchen cabinets. I could probably open a store of my own!

  3. That looks like a fun outing. I love all the garden accents - I would have had a car load of fabulous finds had I been there. xxoo

  4. Oh my I would of been in heaven there with you. I too love everything you showed us. Those angel wings are just gorgeous as is the table you almost bought. Maybe you could find out who was showing it and contact them.
    I lean toward french antiques myself. I was lucky when I was married to collect several French amoires that I still love.
    Yes I have left several pieces at Warrenton thinking I would come back the next day only to find them sold. lol
    Beautiful post so glad I came by tonight.
    Gretchen said when she was in London for three weeks in
    April for school that it was too cool for her. lol

  5. Beautiful antiques. Speaking of things left behind, when I was a teenager, I found a charm bracelet at Foleys that was all little bells that jingled. I don't remember why I didn't buy it, but I still think of that little bracelet and wish it was in my jewelry box. Aren't we funny about things like that?

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