Friday, May 4, 2012

Tale of Two Cities Clutch

Kate Spade has A Tale of Two Cities clutch available this spring for $325.  Cute, isn't it? Which poses the question, does a blogging gal like me need a purse to match her blog??

So off I went with a friend to the Kate Spade store on Sloane Square to take a peek.

But when the salesclerk heard I was from Texas (the accent always gives it away,) she went to the stockroom to give us an advance peek of a purse that will make its debut in a couple of weeks.

She thought this armadillo purse might be more my style!

This is Kate Spade, mind you! In Texas, armadillos are road-kill, not a fashion statement.

But if I had to choose, this little shiny gold coin purse might win me over a lot sooner than the straw purse. 

I doubt it though.

But if it speaks to you, I understand there will be a necklace in the collection too. Let me know if you decide to purchase one--I'd love to see a photo of you  sporting the latest trend!


  1. I love that clutch, not such a fan of the armadillo. I think you are very justified in buying yourself a purse to match your blog. ;)

  2. Honey even though I am from Texas if you see me carrying that straw bag around you know that I completely lost it. lol
    Now the clutch is another story but I have never been a purse person so I could not buy it for that price but now if it were clothes that is another story.
    You though being the name of your fantastic site that I love should have it if your heart desires.
    Have a wonderful weekend. I am leaving in a little for one of those ole fashioned crawfish bawls that I don't eat but my girl friend husband insist we make an appearance. I will look for one of these purses while I am there. lol
    Love ya

  3. Absolutely!
    If nothing else... it is a conversation piece.

  4. isn't she so clever? buy yourself the
    "tale of two cities" clutch

  5. So happy to have "found" you again! I always enjoy your posts and this one was great!

  6. Good morning dear!!!! Now is this shop in LONDON or in Texas? AND WHAT DOES the Tale of Two Cities bag look like, or did I miss it???? teeheee....either way, that coin purse is rather cute!

    HI THERE! Thank you for coming to visit! You are always so wonderful to stop by. I can barely make it during the work week to visit friends, so I get up super early to visit before taking off for school!

    Your kind comments are so wonderful and I WISH YOU A SUPER MOTHERS' DAY!!! Anita

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