Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jubilee Parade

Our final day of Jubilee celebrations climaxed with the Queen's Procession from Westminster Hall to Buckingham Palace. Our little group of friends arrived around 11 AM for a three and a half hour wait, but we were rewarded with spaces up front along the street for our efforts.

We decided to position ourselves along Whitehall between Trafalgar Square and Parliament to get the best view.

The time passed fairly quickly, and we met some fascinating folks,

who amused and delighted us. 

These two gals were lucky enough to win tickets to the big concert the night before and we enjoyed hearing their first hand experiences.

This was our favorite "bobby" of the day. He delighted us 

while we waited with his friendliness and humor.

My little buddy next to me had the greatest idea and had brought his coloring book to pass the time.

Before long however, the queen with her lady in waiting passed by in her limo, on the way to Westminster Hall to lunch. Isn't her little driver so cute? Of course, everyone was sad that Prince Philip had not been able to accompany her on this amazing day due to an illness. A few quick changes had to be made along the way to accommodate his absence.

She was soon followed by Prince Charles and his family. Now it was another hour or so to wait, before they would exit in their carriages for the procession.

Over 1000 servicemen and women participated in the parade,

men of all sizes,

and quite a few women on horseback too.

We were positioned just beside The Cenotaph, Britain's official war memorial honoring those who have given their lives for their country,

and every group of servicemen and bands paused at that spot to honor those gone before.

The bands were plentiful

and entertaining, playing up and down the street to our delight, helping to pass the time.

And then the time had come, the queen was approaching preceded by the Drum Horses of the Life Guards, announcing

 her carriage, a 1902 State Landau, the same one used by Kate and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wedding day.

Originally, it was to have been the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip in this carriage, but due to his absence,

she was accompanied instead by Prince Charles and Camilla.

Even Prince Charles respectfully removed his hat when passing by the war memorial.

They were followed by Princes William and Harry along with Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Mall to Buckingham Palace was closed off to us as we tried to head that way for the Balcony appearance, so I had to borrow this photo, but it was such a fitting ending to see the immediate close family appearing there, accenting the line of succession in the years to come.

It's been a joy to celebrate with all my fellow Briton friends as they honored their queen and her 60 years of service to the county. What a remarkable achievement she has made in history!

And now....
It's Countdown time to the Olympics!


  1. You have been so lucky to have witnessed both the wedding and The Queen's Jubilee. Thank you for sharing your photos. I love all the pageantry, tradition, and pomp that only the British can do. I love the use of the military and their uniforms that are incredibly beautiful. I love that even though times have changed they still use the Landau and their beautiful old Rolls Royces, that they are polished and dignified and I love that The Queen wore that huge diamond brooch! I think she has dedicated her life to the British Monarchy and charity. Long Live The Queen!!! (I think I might be a Royalist!)

  2. So wonderful that you had a chance to get up close and personal Debi...fantastic memories. I have been trying to think of occasions in America with the same amount of pageantry. I don't think anything or anyone can compare to what many Britons feel for the Queen. I am sure you will agree that it has been very special to be a part of it.
    Best wishes..
    Jeanne :)

  3. Thanking you for sharing all the photos and info. about the Jubilee. I looked forward everyday to it. I so enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work and looking forward to your account of the Olympics - Suzan

  4. Chic baby! would you like to follow each other blog? :X

  5. Houston and London???? Oh my - that's some trip to work! Thanks for visiting me - and loved your pictures of the Jubilee (you managed to catch the passing limos/carriages really well!)
    Glad you enjoyed my little garden party - isn'g blogging great!
    I'm in Paris now (I wish!)
    Pleased to meet you
    fee x

  6. Oh my, your Jubilee photographs are clearly the best I have seen so far. Wonderful photography! How blessed you are to have been there. I secretly thing the Queen smiles more these days with that lovely Kate nearby. Such an amazing family. Thank you for stopping by, I am glad to see a post about my favorite city.

  7. How amazing for you to be there at such a momentous occasion!! Your pictures are just wonderful as always! It has to be such a fabulous time that you are having right now. I love that you are sharing your extraordinary experiences with the rest of us....thank you!!

  8. I am so enjoying this series, darling. My favorite was, of course, the parade with the entire street lined from side-to-side with horsemen and the military. What a thing to have in memory. xx's

  9. Ahhhhhh.......this is absolute MAGIC MY DEAR! We are celebrating Paris, but why not BRITAIN AS WELL!! HAIL TO HM!!!! Thank you my friend for coming to visit me!!! BIG HUGS, Anita

  10. Thank you so much for doing this delightful post. I felt like I was standing there with you. Oh how I wish I had been. lol
    These pic's are wonderful and what an experience to be there for the Queens 60th reign
    Hope your well and having a lovely day

  11. I have just come across your blog and read a few posts which make for good reading. It is so interesting to hear about the two halves of your life - the one in the States and the one over here. I am now following you, and look forward to more of your adventures.

  12. Lovely photos as usual! I especially liked the closeup of the police hat. :)

  13. What wonderful photos of a very special day.