Saturday, June 2, 2012

We're ready for some Jubilee

Well, we're ready for the party to begin!

Four days of festivities, including two holidays, add up to a festive time, and the city has really "spiffed up"
including Covent Garden,

and several of the large streets in town.

Even the baby strollers are decked out, and you can't imagine how many cute babies and dogs I've seen today!

Everyone is putting their best forward, both shops

and homes alike.

I chatted for awhile with this home owner on Cheyne Walk which fronts the Thames Rives about tomorrow's flotilla and they were hosting a huge party to celebrate.

Even the flowers are standing up tall and pretty.

I headed down toward Tower Bridge today where tomorrow's flotilla ends, and the Royal Navy was only part of the security I saw.

The TV cameras are all ready, even the American affiliates.

We enjoyed taking a look at some of the boats which were moored near the Tower--these include 42 vessels which were too large to make it under London Bridge, so they will form a guard of honor on each side of the flotilla as it passes by.

Boats at St. Katherine's Dock were in their party attire.

This is to be the largest event on the Thames River since the reign of Charles II in 1660,

seven miles long, so we're all more than a little excited about 1000 boats of all shapes and sizes headed down the Thames River for a huge parade.

I ended up today at the Cadogan Pier just a block from our house in Chelsea where Hubby often catches the boat to go to work. This is actually where the royal family will board the Royal Barge tomorrow to lead the parade. Do you think we will be able to get anywhere near here to see them?

I'm doubtful, since there were already campers ready to set up their tents along the river this evening and spend the night.

With every plan in place, and all the details sorted out, I look out my window this eve of the Flotilla and see the rain coming in. Yes, friends, the forecast for tomorrow is 90% chance of rain and a high of 50 degrees. If that does happen, it will be the worst weather day in a couple of weeks.

I wonder if the queen is setting out her coat, umbrella and scarf tonight???

Stay tuned--we may be watching it in the rain, or we may be forced inside to see it on the TV.
Crossing our fingers....


  1. Everything looks so festive and happy! It's so nice to see everyone getting in the spirit of it all. I was watching footage of one of the last anniversary celebrations and it happened during an economic crisis too. Let's hope these celebrations and the Olympic games help the British economy get back on track soon!

    Whatever the weather I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  2. What a fun time to be in London. I always forget that she became queen the year I was born. Kind of fun!

  3. I am so envious of you with the front-row seat you have. No matter what you guys be out there cheering. I'm going to put your link up at my place for everyone to see. Sending love....

  4. I wish that I was there to enjoy the festivities too! Enjoy, Debi! xxoo

  5. I've just come over from "Splendorosa" and discover that we have chosen the same portrait of the Queen on our blogs ! Your photos make me want to be there so much I could cry !!

  6. How fabulous to be there during this time. We'll be watching by tv.

    I'm visiting from Marsha's blog. How fun to live in two exciting and vibrant cities such as London and Houston. We have friends in the Bahamas who travel from Marsh Harbour to London about as often as you do. I don't know how you don't have constant jet lag (smile). You must have a secret or two.