Monday, June 11, 2012

Lovin' the Union Jack and Giveaway Time

The much adored flag of the United Kingdom, often referred to as the Union Jack, is a favorite icon here in England, as well as around the world too. The souvenir shops are full of all kinds of gadgets and knick-knacks that tourists can stuff in their suitcases to take home, but if you look outside of the souvenir shops you'll find some better options in sometimes unexpected places.

The trendy shop Accessorize always has fun items to pick up that are popular with everyone.

You can find Union Jack teapots anywhere, but fewer any cuter than this one from Emma Bridgewater.

Pillows are easy to find, and stuff in a suitcase--

I love the color palate of this one from Laura Ashley.

Or you could just do your whole bedding around the Union Jack theme.

Look at your feet--you'll find door mats,

or  at eye level again, some napkins,

and I love this little baby set of T-shirt and shoes. How cute is that--"made with love"?

Chair and ottomans are easy to spot,

but this one of a kind sofa was one I spied in an antique shop. I'm sure it would fit perfectly somewhere, but not in my house.

Could you use a rubbish bin?

For some of the yummier options, how about these cupcakes,

or eclairs,

and you could use your Union Jack cutlery to finish them off?


Spotted these custom order shoes by Aruna Seth, which at 3000£ is exactly one pound per Swarovski crystal used to fashion these beauties.

And one of my favorite interpretations of all-this floral design spotted in Jaegar sometime ago.
Isn't it especially lovely?

Now because I always have you in mind, I've picked up a couple of extra Special Souvenir Editions of Hello magazine the past week, just full of Jubilee photos and articles.

To be eligible to win, just leave a comment here before Sunday, the 17th, and I'll draw from the names who are listed. Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. I will post because I love seeing all these union jacks and it makes me think that I didn't buy enough while I was there! Thank you for always bringing London to me!!! J miss it so!

  2. What, you're not giving away a pair of those shoes...I couldn't walk in them anyway! Cute red, white and blue blog - you certainly have the spirit!

  3. I have loved all of your coverage of the Jubilee - you are the absolute best London correspondent! Count me in for your giveaway - I love reading about all of the royal events! Have a wonderful week, Debi! xxoo

  4. Add me to the list, please. I love how you bring London home.~donna price

  5. Great photos yet again! Clearly you shop in much classier places than I do. I just did a similar post, but of Union Jack products in supermarkets.

  6. The flowers were my favorite too.

  7. Having lunch and checking Facebook. Enjoying your blog. Jayson Henry

  8. I always love your blog, Debi!! And gosh, how cute/fun are those Union Jack shoes with the big red bow on the back!! :o)

  9. I love this!! Actually I was planning on using the Union Jack as a blog post! You beat me to it but I will do one anyway! Love the shoes!!! I am wondering what I will end up taking back with me when the time comes to go..

  10. Thanks for visiting me today Debi - I particularly like the Laura Ashley cushion - a sophisticated take on the Union Jack, and I am a fan of all Emma Bridgewater's pottery.

  11. You know this little American red/white and blue duck loves the magazines you bring to me sometimes. So, I"ll give it a try for two more! Kiss kiss! Sue

  12. Enjoyed all your pictures, Debi. The British are so creative and somehow you managed to find quite a variety.

    Would love a piece of the Jubilee history!

  13. Pick me, pick me:) I loved watching the coverage of the Royal Jubilee and I thank you for the posts which were fabulous! Good luck with your move-I still miss meeting you at the Bus Stop on the Kings Road!


  14. I don't have a blog, but I so enjoy reading yours!!! - Suzan

  15. I'd like one of everything in this post – so much fun, Debi! Your coverage of the events really enhanced the experience. Thank you!

  16. I love reading your blog, I used to live in Cardiff, Wales and enjoyed the UK so much! I'm back in the good ole USA now, I found your blog because I'm a Texas gal who resides in PA and was looking for some home and found the best of both my worlds in your blog. The UK and Texas what a match!

  17. wow! we couldn't possibly have a fraction
    of that kind of pride in our flag. i feel
    ashamed of myself!

  18. What a fun giveaway! I love all the things you showed us and thanks for the wonderful giveaway.
    Love ya

  19. Liking the shoes, chesterfield, chair and teapot especially. We're very good at interpreting the Union Jack, a lot of designer/makers will have something with a hint of the flag in at least one of their products. Being cheeky, I have a couple of cushions myself !

  20. Hey there
    I truly loved this post. A good blog always comes-up with new and exciting information. The majority of the information here was rather enlightening!

  21. I love the Union Jack (of course !) and I would love to own those wedges with a bow at the back, although at 3000£ a pair, that's very unlikely ! Maybe the Queen could wear them ?...!

  22. I'm reading this too late for the drawing, but loved the post.