Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ascot Day Out

For my last blog about Ascot, I wanted to share with you photos of the day that my London kids, Jason and Cristen, and my Houston kids, Ryan and Allison, who were in town visiting, gussied up and spent their own day at Ascot.

Two striking couples, I'd say!

My sons did a great job of picking out "daughters in love" for me.

And have I mentioned yet, that Ryan and Allison brought their two little ones across the pond to stay with us? Jordan still in her pajamas, came outside to ask to go along for the day,

but settled for a photo op instead!

Jackson got a big smooch from "Kiss-Kiss"

and then posed for his own shot.

So what did Poppy and Gigi do with two little munchkins in London all day?
We rocked the place!

Lots more about our adventures in a future blog, but for now, I'm off to London this afternoon.
I have a bad dose of Olympic fever that only going to the Opening Ceremonies can heal!
You can bet, I'll be sharing....

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