Friday, July 27, 2012

The Torch Passes Through

A few American friends and I headed out in some warm London sunshine yesterday to catch a view

of the Olympic torch passing through our neighborhood of Chelsea. We chose to view it alongside the Royal Chelsea Hospital with some of our favorite guys--the Chelsea Pensioners.

More Olympic spirit would be harder to find than with these guys

who have all served their country honorably, and who now live together at the Royal Chelsea Hospital as their pension.

First came the sponsors, of course, as the crowds gathered,

and the streets took on a carnival atmosphere. 8000 different torchbearers have carried the torch over a 70 day period throughout England.

The Pensioners formed a royal guard to greet their very own

Jim Anderson, a 75 year old pensioner,

who is a regular marathon and 10k runner. 

And in a flash, he was gone! Another memory etched in our minds of a wonderful chapter in British history.

Today, July 27th, the torch is currently making its way down the Thames River from Hampton Court to end up at the Olympic Park this evening,
where we'll be kicking off the celebrations along with some 80,000 people at the Opening Ceremonies.

Let the Games Begin!


  1. Excited for you to get to experience this momentous event. You are our "reporter on the scene!"

  2. So exciting! Can't wait to see all your pictures from Opening Ceremonies!

  3. Yay!, I'm going to then Olympics....uh excuse me, uh Debi is going to the Olympics and I will yet again feel like an insider because of your fabulous scoop. Thanks!

  4. Jenny and Lori are correct - you will be our eyes and ears to all the Olympic events. Can't wait - Suzan