Saturday, July 7, 2012

Moving On

Back home in Houston for a bit, until time to dash over to London for the Olympics in a few weeks. Have you heard, London's Calling? At least that's what a US commercial announced this morning, and it was so exciting to think about the anticipation and build-up for a July 27 kick-off!

It has been an amazing and incredibly busy 5 weeks in London which have included the Queen's Jubilee, Trooping the Colour, Beating Retreat, Royal Ascot, Ryan and Allison's visit with my sweet grandchildren, packing up a home full of "stuff" and shipping it home to Houston, moving into a new place in London, and wrapping up with two amazing days at Wimbledon this week. Go Andy Murray and Serena!

Thus with all the "busyness" and this past week without the internet, it's been hard to stay on top of blogging, but now, watch out, because I have a lot to share in the weeks to come.

First, let's kick off with our new place in London. Since my husband predicts that we won't need to be in London as much as in the past, when we moved out of our townhouse, we opted to stay with my son, Jason and his wife, Cristen, in their new cute flat in Chelsea.  Mom and Dad dropping in from time to time and spending some "together time."

Above you see our front door to the Mathison building at King's Chelsea.

Located in the shadow of the infamous Chelsea Football Stadium,

and across the street from that labyrinth of antique stores that the locals will recognize as The Furniture Cave,

we are now living down Kings Road a bit closer to Fulham, about a 10 minute bus ride from our previous locale of Flood Street.

Northacres photo

King's Chelsea is a complex of 289 apartments and homes, which was formerly the King's College facility until 7 or 8 years ago when the Grade II listed buildings were converted into a residential development.

Our place is on the fifth level of the Mathison House facing King's Road

and here you see the back windows--the top left set of 3 windows.

There's a lovely view of the grounds below,

plenty of place for a stroll

or a quiet moment.

Included in the facility are some workout rooms, an indoor swimming pool, and tennis courts on the property. Cristen and Jason have done well in their search, don't you think?

And now we have a whole new area to explore: new shops, restaurants, walking paths, all just a bit further down the road from where we were. Home sweet home.

And if you promise not to tell the whole world, Daniel Radcliffe, is a resident here. Cristen and Jason spotted him on their first visit, and although Harry Potter hasn't invited us over for tea just yet, one can always hope!

Congratulations to Cathi Nunn from Everyday Adventures of a Curious Gal who is the winner of my Hello Jubilee magazine giveaway.


  1. I promise to only tell my niece who is madly in love with all things "Potter" related, including Mr. Radcliffe. She's almost a college graduate and engaged to be married but may want to throw it all away and move in with Jason and Cristen too...hah!

    Yes, Jason and Cristen did a great job! Lovely accommodations!

  2. Wow, you've been busy. Your new place is so pretty! You'll have to tell Mallory about the HP connection... she is a huge fan, and hopes to visit the set (I think it's in London?) someday.

  3. Wow, what an ultra-lovely locale. In these parts we certainly understand about the family getting cozy and sharing home space from time to time. I am sure y'all will enjoy the family times. As to the famous new neighbor..WHAT!?...Hmm, I think y'alls' apartment might get a little cozier (sp?) with another five Texans visitin'. I kid, I truly hope we may have another chance in the next 2 years to make a leisurely visit to London. With all the delights you share I feel I can appreciate so many more of its details. Thank you Debbie and happy moving!

  4. All that family time when you are in London will be wonderful!
    And I can't get over how beautiful the grounds of the flat are, and your neighborhood is great! Will you become a Chelsea supporter now? :)

  5. Just out of curiosity, do they let people go in and walk around the grounds