Friday, September 7, 2012

Tea Party Time

When Jordan and her family came for a visit earlier this summer, of course, the idea of a tea party came up.

When considering tea rooms, Fortnum and Mason rose to the top of the list. Recently refurbished and reopened this spring under the name of the Diamond Jubilee Salon, the Tea Salon was christened by HM Queen Elizabeth, and the Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall.

Aunt Cristen, lovingly called "Kiss-Kiss" by Jordan, decided if it was good enough for royalty, it was good enough for us, 

so she booked us a spot and gave Jordan a crash course on a proper afternoon tea.

Of course, pouring the apple juice tea

was the first lesson.


Learning how to use sugar tongs

and drink out of fancy glasses was a snap for such a classy little girl.

The tiered presentation of food was enticing.

Scones with clotted cream and jam were a big hit.

Then it was time for the petite sandwiches.

There was a bit of apprehension, but Mommy's suggestion was that she try each one--

at least one bite, not exactly relished,

and if you tried really hard, you could make those bites eensy-teensy.

Less than an enthusiastic verdict!

But the sweets were a big hit,

and taking a trip to the dessert cart for an extra treat made a girl's job of selecting so, so very hard.

We had an amazing time at our fancy tea party--something tells me it will be hard to match anything this special again, although we've definitely been trying to replicate it with her Princess tea set ever since she returned.

Hope your day includes a cup of tea!


  1. What a lovely occasion, and how dear is your little granddaughter.

  2. My mother, grandmother and I were lucky enough to have "tea at the Ritz" a few times before they both left me and went on to heaven and the ultimate tea party! I miss those girly things and the memories. How fun that you are making some for Jordan and "Miss Kiss-Kiss"!!!

  3. Oh dearest, I LOVE A TEA PARTY!!!!!!! And with the infernal heat we had this summer, all I could do was make my favorite blend (chocolate hazelnut and vanilla tea) ICED. But that was a hit! However, there is nothing like a cup of HOT tea with all the goodies and you are getting me very excited here!

    Thank you for coming to visit. DO TELL ME how your womens' prayer group goes.....and talk about BEING DIFFERENT! We are the lights of this world, the salt of the earth. HOW DIFFERENT IS THAT!

    Be well, shine and sparkle. Anita

  4. What a beautiful afternoon, Debi! Having experienced some lovely tea afternoons at Fortnum's tea room, I know how special this occasion was for Jordan, and all of you! How cute that she didn't love the sandwiches – they probably had pickle relish on them which is an acquired taste. But, tea at Fortnum and Mason's is definitely the ultimate. So glad you had this lovely time.

  5. I love your blog, I am a Texas girl (Nacogdoches) who lived for 6 years in Cardiff, Wales so I've had the best of both worlds, now I live in Pennsylvania--in Amish Country with all of its beauty so I'm the traveller, just love your blog about all things British. Loved, loved the tea party.

    1. Nacogdoches! THat's do close, and I have several friends from there. Sounds like you've seen some pretty parts of the world! Enjoy the fall weekend ahead....

  6. What a sweet memory! She fits right with the other beautiful women in her life in this proper setting.

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