Sunday, April 7, 2013

Final Postcards From Malta

Strolling the narrow streets of Malta

gives you a little flavor of the local life.

Stone facades carefully preserved

and protruding balconies of many colors accent the narrow passageways.

Doors open to busy lives

and hide secrets of the Maltese world.

Little things like a British post box pillar dot the cityscape and remind you that Malta was under British rule for many years in the past century.

Baroque architecture is rampant throughout the island and amazes you with its ornamentation.

And yet, one of the most precious treasures of the island can be found behind this rather plain facade of the St. John's Co-Cathedral.

Once inside though, your jaw is likely to drop as you try to take in the elaborate decor of this church

which was built in the Baroque style by the Knights Hospitaller of St. John, also known as the Knights of Malta,

during the years 1573-1578 as a place for their worship. 

The Knights, of course, were noblemen, whose mission was to protect the Catholic faith from the attacks of the Ottoman Turks.

There are 8 beautiful side chapels representing the 8 langues, or regions of the Knights.

The Knights were anxious to rival the great churches of Rome, 

and that is why this is such a treasure house of rich Maltese baroque ornamentation.

Pervasive throughout the elaborate decoration is the symbol of the Maltese cross with 8 points, representing once again the 8 langues or regions from which the Knights of Malta originated.

Most of us came away with some form of the Maltese cross as a momento of our unique adventure,

as well as memories of an island and a slice of the world that we will always cherish.


  1. The church is amazing! And all the ornamentation is meaningful to their congregation. Very special. I wonder what my church says about us. Thanks for sharing, Debi.

  2. Loved your postcards from Malta! That church must have been breathtaking. Thanks for the taking us there.

  3. What an incredible church that is - wow! Thanks for sharing Malta with us, it looks like a beautiful place! xxoo

  4. my jaw dropped seeing your gorgeous photos!

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  6. The architecture is amazing! I love the red door!!!