Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Stroll Through Covent Garden

Sunday afternoon in London was the warmest and sunniest day of the year so far, after a much delayed spring and a frigid, rather rainy/snowy winter. 

So....I think all of London was out for a stroll, as was I, when I decided to head to the Covent Garden area for a few hours.

Many Londoners were still enjoying their Sunday roasts and refreshments

at the area pubs,

but I began my prowl. First thing I stumbled upon was a photo shoot in a narrow alleyway

bench warmers soaking up the sun at the  St. Paul Church of Covent Garden, often referred to as the Actor's Church due to its long affinity with theater in the area,

and crowds of people, many people, never unusual for the Covent Garden area, but especially so today with the influx of April tourists and locals who just needed a dose of Vitamin D.

The street entertainers were taking advantage

of the crowds,

and the sidewalk cafes were full of diners.

It's always fun shopping at Apple Market

as well as Jubilee Market for bric-a brac,

but beauty mavens are now heading to the new Chanel beauty boutique

where you can find skin care consultation, try on new perfumes, or take advantage of the Chanel nail bar with all its color range.

Another new kid on the block is the recently opened Balthazar restaurant, of NYC fame with a French brasserie style menu that looks fabulous

and a bakery next door

with fresh breads

take-out deli food

all under a beautiful French inspired ceiling.

Quite lovely!

Reservations hard to get!

Also extremely popular on this first warm day was the La Gelateria ice cream shop with long lines outside its door. Note to self: plan a return trip. Must be delicious.

And since most of you know that my time in London is indeed short since we've officially moved back to the US, every stroll takes me by monuments where the memories

and stories of 

the last 5 years sing out. I'm cherishing the time, I assure you.

And to help make the transition back home easier, one of my favorite sandwich shops is now carrying Texan Chilli--London style!

Guess my two worlds are indeed colliding!


  1. my daughter ate at "eat" almost everyday!
    she went to school in marylebone and
    loved every moment.

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  3. Does London Chilli compare with Texas Chili?