Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

What could be important enough to interrupt my blog series on Malta? 

Nothing but these two sweet

little ones!
So hang on, here we go--this Gigi has to share!

We had a family-packed weekend with an Easter egg hunt at our church

as the kick-off. Who could imagine getting so excited over a couple of animal crackers hidden inside an egg?

The Easter bunny came and was so much better received than

Santa Claus just a few short months before!

Jackson was flying high after a bit of sugar,

and teasing us just for grins!

And what do little boys do if sticks are to be found?

Well, a sword fight, of course!

Perfect way to end an Easter Egg hunt.

Sunday brought with it a stirring worship service at our church with family and friends, then lunch at Gigi's house

with family. 

We were missing my son Jason and his wife Cristen, but excited that they will be moving back home to Houston from London this summer and will join us next year.

When the doorbell rang, it wasn't long before the kids discovered the Easter bunny had made a special delivery right on the front doorstep

with all sorts of surprises

and treats!

An "eggstra" special day all the way around!

Hope your weekend was just as joy-filled!


  1. Honey I can not tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your pictures of your adorable grandbabies. Jordan and Jackson are both growing up fast. I love the expressions on their faces and the one with you is just gorgeous.
    So HAPPY I did not miss this post. It brought a big smile to my evening.
    We both are so Blessed with our families.
    Love ya

  2. I vote the Kirksey family as "Most Photogenic!" Looks like it was a lovely holiday.

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  5. It looks like such a fun and memorable day for everyone, Debi. The kids are so precious and I love their Easter themed outfits. Thank you for sharing your lovely celebration!


  6. Wonderful pictures of your grandchildren! Looks like much joy all around!