Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daily Candy

Daily Candy London is one of those fun items I find in my mailbox each day. They have a knack for finding the latest and greatest in town, whether it be new stores opening, new products, good restaurants, or interesting entertainment. If you'd like to subscribe to receive your daily update you can find them here. Yesterday, they alerted me to a new club opening in our neighborhood--seems like there are strict entrance requirements though: you must have been born in the 80's or before the 80's. Well, no problem here meeting that requirement--I'm very eligible. Although I'm not one who typically graces the doors of nightclubs, I am intrigued by those loaner leg warmers and disco balls! See what you think....

Chelsea Nightclub Maggie's Hearts the Eighties

Barts Owners' New Culture Club

maggie's club london!
You’ve filed resurrecting the ’80s under ‘things that never, ever need to happen’. But if anything can change your mind, at least for one night, it’s Maggie’s, a kitschy valentine to The Thatcher Years.
The new nightspot opened last night in Chelsea, with nostalgic touches like disco balls and loaner leg warmers. Decor is over-the-top retro (zebra print, Beano comic wallpaper), but since it’s the brainchild of Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling of nearby speakeasy Barts, expect a similarly laid-back vibe.
The bar staff, who are trained to execute Tom Cruise-style tricks, serve until 3:30 a.m. — a closing time usually reserved for West End haunts. The only requirement: patrons must have been born in or before the ’80s, which keeps out the kids.
On the glittery dance floor, music starts with groove-your-heart-out ’80s favourites, then switches to contemporary beats after 1 a.m. Because no matter how devoted to the decade, nobody needs an entire night of cheese.

Maggie’s, 329 Fulham Road, SW10 9QL (020 7352 8512
Photo: Getty Images 


  1. you are a very brave woman to
    even consider going! if you go,
    you must take 'before and after'
    pics. :)

  2. hi debi!

    regarding the book, it would be perfect for
    a flight to london, because you won't want
    to put it down.