Monday, April 19, 2010

I Give Up

Well, I give up! I'm unpacking the suitcases and staying at home here in Houston. I had another flight scheduled out for London today, but it was not to be. Mid-afternoon, Continental rebooked me automatically to the next available flight. It's going to be an interesting connection, since they have me booked going to London on April 28, landing the morning of April 29, and my return flight is leaving London to go to Houston on the morning of April 28. Thank you very much Continental, but I don't think I can quite manage that.

I keep thinking about what I'm missing by giving up my April trip. I have friends from the US who arrived at my house in London before my flight last week was aborted. They've been having a ball without me, and now their stay is extended 5 more days, waiting for the skies to clear. Have fun girls!

I'm missing walking through the flowering lawn of the St. Luke's Church on my way to the tube.

Missing the tulips in season...

And everyone headed to the parks to celebrate the long awaited sunshine after a grey, cold winter. 

So it's time to recall what the trade-off is before this pity party gets our of hand.

More time with sweet Jordan--can't beat that one.

Now could someone please find a way to get my husband home from London???


  1. Oh my, now I see what I missed from your pictures of St. Luke's!! I'm so sorry that your April visit got derailed by a volcano of all things. I'm sure Wanda and her friend are managing fine without you but Fran and I would have been lost!!

    Hoping Mike gets home soon. And, yes, time with Jordan has got to ease your pity party just a tad. She's so precious!

  2. That is a very positive reason to be home but I am sure being away from your hubby is hard. I don't know whether it is fitting to say "poor girls" to your friends, depending on the hardship for the family ties, London, it seems is a pretty sweet spot to get "stuck" in. You must have packing down to an art.

  3. Sorry for your dilemma, and I hope you do not mind my saying that it makes an interesting read. It seems that if you try to follow the airlines schedule you will literally meet yourself coming and going.

  4. Oh how I would love to be "stuck" in that cool house of yours in London! But your hubby is stuck without you! I do agree, your sweet Jordan is a sweet trade-off!

  5. Hi Debi,

    Well, I think you got the best deal- time with Jordan. I thought about you when I heard the news and wondered if you were in London or Houston.
    Enjoy your time at "home".

    Big hugs,

  6. I'm sure you're anxious to get Mike back!! Hopefully he'll beat us to your place next week so you two can have a bit of calm before our brood descends upon you both. :)

  7. you are having a remarkable great attitude
    about all this. it must be incredibly

  8. So sorry for all the craziness. Are you a "Lost" fan? Have you heard the rumor that the volcano eruption is really Lost's black smoke? Just thought a little humor might help.

  9. Jordan is gorgeous! What a beautiful, sweet girl. The pictures were amazing as always. I hope the travel situation gets worked out soon. You have a marvelous attitude.

  10. Ok, I see planes in the air over London! Our group finally made it home from Sicily via the Eurostar out of Paris with lots of stories to tell. I will look forward to seeing you next month!

  11. You girls and your crazy lives... no one else can understand!
    Especially not Continental :-)
    Relax and enjoy~

  12. I hope that by the time you read this everything has been sorted...I feel for you Debi!

    Take care, relax and just enjoy your time with your beautiful Jordan!

    Best wishes,