Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's on the Way! Olé!

It was probably last year that I first started hearing rumors that a Mexican restaurant was coming to London--not just any Mexican restaurant, but one born out of the state of Texas, advertising its commitment to authentic Mexican gourmet cooking. Frankly, I'd never heard of  Cantina Laredo, since Dallas seems to be the heart of their US efforts, but it came highly recommended.  I jumped on it immediately, emailed the corporation and found out it was truly coming. To my surprise, the general manager sent me a note last week to let me know that indeed, the restaurant was opening this summer!

The new location is near Covent Garden, and thrill of all thrills to my husband, it is just a stone's throw from his office at St. Marten's Courtyard. I drooled when I found these photos on their website and now I'm counting the days until I can have the "whole enchilada!" One of their signature dishes is their Top Shelf Guacamole, which is prepared at your table.

Fajitas anyone? Did I mention they hope to eventually open 35 restaurants in the UK?

Here's the Botanos Platter which is a tasting platter to share. Complimentary chips and salsa as well. That's a big deal in London--complimentary. Now, is it really too much to ask for fountain soft drinks with free refills?? 

Pescado de Dia--salmon on Chimichurri sauce for those eating light.

Or this looks delicious: Steak Camaron Poblanoasada--a grilled carne asada steak wrapped around poblano pepper filled with tiger prawns, mushrooms and monterrey jack cheese.
Drool, drool. If you want to see more, find them at Cantina Laredo UK. And if you want to find me on opening day, look for me at Cantina Laredo. Olé!
Have you ever eaten at a Cantina Laredo in the US?


  1. Yes! Yes I have! Kevin and I went for Valentine's day LAST year in Little Rock!

  2. Yum! These pictures made me hungry!

  3. Okay... this is so unfair! You get to have great Mexican food b/c you live in Houston (incase you forgot... I'm a Texas and have lived in Houston, Arlington, Spring, and San Marcos).... and now, WAY over in London you are going to get great Mexican food. Here in Florida, we have yet to find really good authentic Mexican food, or Tex-Mex.

    I think I'll make chicken enchiladas tonight... :)

  4. Love the simplicty in their decor. Three neighboring states have a Cantina Lareado: Huntsville, Ala., Orlando, Florida, and Nashville, Tn., and some of those states have more than one. Here in Georgia I can not imagine that Taco Mac is keeping them at bay. Oh well, we will wait.

  5. I'm totally relating to Teri's comment about how hard it is to find decent Mexican food in Florida. And, you, my friend, have it in abundance! Think of me and Teri when you get to visit Cantina Laredo for the first time. Perhaps I can check it out in Nashville on a future visit. You've definitely peeked my interest.

  6. What fun! I will have to bookmark this if EVER we get the pleasure of being in London long enough to need a taste of home.

  7. I sympathize with the Forida gals. No good TexMex in Colorado either. If they can come to London, they should be able to come to Colorado.

  8. well, having your mexican food in london is a
    great example of "having your cake and eating
    it, too!"

  9. Yes, this is my second comment on this post of yours. I was over in Destin last week and spotted a Cantina Laredo! The funny thing is that we ate there at Christmas with our kids. I just didn't remember the name when you mentioned it in your blog.

    I must say my reaction to Cantina Laredo is that I would still choose to eat at that very authentic place you took us in downtown Houston over having their "gourmet" Mexican food any day. It's hard to improve on the real deal which is the kind of Mexican food I was raised on. Having said that, the Londoners won't know any difference and will thoroughly enjoy Cantina Laredo, I predict!

  10. Hi Debi, I haven't eaten at Cantina Laredo but I well remember that it used to be impossible to find Mexican food in London. I'm sure it will be a success and you'll have a great time there!