Friday, April 2, 2010

I spy Easter

Just a quick walk through Selfridge's department store in central London was proof enough that spring has arrived, and with it lots of sweets.

Would you prefer Godiva eggs,

or chocolates from Rococo?

Strawberry lemonade perhaps?

Or Flamigni panettone from Italy?

Hope and Greenwood, a "purveyor of splendid confectionary" had bunnies full of eggs.

Even Evian had put on its spring colors!

These marshmallow pigs looked much tastier than Peeps.

But this is what I picked out for you--a giant Lindt chocolate bunny.
Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Thank you dearly Debi. Happy Joyous Easter to you. Thanks for the non-fattening virtual treat. it is so huge! What sweet shots.

  2. what lovely easter candy!

    have a lovely easter weekend!

  3. Thank you! I am on sugar overload now and loving it!

  4. Bonjour Debi,
    The chocolate bunnies look fine, so do the Godiva eggs. Lovely photo of you.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend!

  5. How do you resist all those delectable treats? The spring colors are refreshing. They reminded me of the symphony of color found in the flowers and trees here around my cottage.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  6. There must be a problem. I have looked and looked in my mailbox, but my bunny hasn't arrived yet. Do you think the postman likes Lindt and ate my bunny before he could deliver it? Happy Easter, my friend.

  7. Hello Debi! Have you ever considered giving a review of the books you are reading? I guess I say that because I wonder how you liked the Albert and Victoria book you finished? just wonderin'

  8. Jenny,
    I'll definitely give it some thought. I can tell you that I really enjoyed the Victoria and Albert book.

    Thanks for the input,

  9. You look SO cute in that last picture!