Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The British Slant on the Wedding Day

Or course, during the Royal Wedding week, all the British press was thrilled to be giving their spin on the jolly nuptials. Cristen and I had so much fun going through all the papers and some of the early magazines. Hang on, and I'll give you a glimpse of what they had to say.

The day before, the military had a practice at dawn,

and we all studied the parade route that was in the Thursday paper.

The Times had its typical "no frills" coverage

but all the other papers relished in their descriptive and amusing headlines.

At every turn, there was talk of a "knees-up," which just refers to a lively party, usually with dancing!

I Wills

The Kiss

times two.

Along the parade route, we all participated in The Wave as we call it in America, but in Britain, it is called The Mexican Wave.

They all fell in love with Pippa,

and she was referred to "Her Royal Hotness" in more than one report.

Didn't take long for rumors of sparks between Harry and Pippa

to surface.

Many comments about the clothing filled the papers, especially Kate's beautiful wedding dress which was compared here to Grace Kelly's.

Then there were the winners and the losers in the fashion world.
"Sure those hats were wise, ladies?"

"Maybe Posh thought she was at a funeral", referring to Victoria Beckham's frock,

and then there was great fun picking out the "style queens" and the "court jesters!"

Reports from the Middleton's home town party.

The Day After reports,

including stories of the Middleton's going home with their pockets a little less full.

Somehow The Mail acquired all the horseshoes used by the Household Cavalry during the Wedding Parade, and you too, can have a chance at winning one of them!

My favorite headline of all was this one. We've Lost the Empire, Can't Win World Cup, But When It Comes to a Royal Knees-Up, WE'RE GREAT BRITAIN!

So, I have an extra copy of The Sun's Souvenir Edition that was printed the day after the wedding, so if you would like it, I'm going to give it away to one of my readers. Just leave me a comment here before Wednesday, May 11, and I'll pick one of you at random.
If one of my British readers is the winner, I'll happily send you a unique American magazine instead, that you would enjoy, since you probably have your own stack of newspapers too.
Good luck!


  1. Robin MacDonaldMay 4, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    I would love to have a souvenir paper!!

  2. How fun! Put my name in the mix!

  3. I've enjoyed experiencing the Royal Wedding through your blog and FB posts! I'd love to have a souvenir paper!

  4. Pip-Pip-hooray! Debi, I've thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and commentary of the Royals. Thanks!!

  5. I love following your every move about the wedding. I have always had a "thing" for the Royals! You make feel as if i was there. Thanks for your posts.

  6. Debi, this is a super report! Love all the different headlines and how each paper sticks to their style. I still have the Times from Diana and Charles' wedding so would love one of these, too. But at any rate, I've so enjoyed your generous coverage of the event. Thank you! – g

  7. It may sound cheezy but I think it is pretty special/fun that you got to share this experience with your daughter-in-law too. it is fun to see the British in proud patriotic mode.

  8. I would love to have a souvenir paper of THE SUN. I hope you will also send it to Germany. ;-)

    Thank you for this posting and the photos...

  9. Debi, As a "Royal follower" of your blog, I would be most honoured to receive the souvenir edition of The Sun. Kind regards, Lady Ann Schweitzer

  10. Mrs. Kirksey, I would LOVE to receive the paper to read while I'm in the MRI machine! :)
    Toss my name in the hate, too! Kiss kiss Sue

  11. OOPS....that's supposed to be HAT....not hate!

  12. What wonderful pictures! I loved the royal wedding. Thinking about it a week later still makes me smile. Your little Jackson is gorgeous. Congratulations!

  13. Great post and what generous offer too!

  14. Count me in, Debi. It's been fun reading your blog!

  15. What a fun time to be in England! I forwarded your blog to a friend of my who is from England and has been living in the states for over 10 years. Jolly good fun! It's so wonderful to be able to keep up with you over the miles. Cheerio!

  16. Now, my luck is really no luck at all, but do throw me in the hat anyway, and if I should accidentally win, I'll turn on the radio and do one happy 'knees up' in my own uniquely spastic- ecstatic way! Until then, I'll just keep my pinkies and toes crossed!

    Thanks for sending some of that bloody good royal excitement our way! ♡U!

  17. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the wedding and all that goes with it.. :-)

    Oh as if Pippa and Harry could get together .... I did think he would have an eye for her though .. who didn't it ??

    If the Middletons only went home 250,000 poorer that's not too bad is it.. :-) Their daughter is now HRH .. Duchess of Cambridge.

    Good luck to all your readers on getting the prize . If I do win , please give it to one of your American commentors :-)

  18. Debi - I loved seeing the papers and reading your blog. I do miss London and am sorry we are not living there at the same time as you and Mike.

    Hope all is well and am so excited for you and your adorable new grandson, Jackson!!!

    all the best, Wendy

    P.S. of course I would love a newspaper - I got up at 1 am to watch it all - remembering Diana's wedding 30 years ago

  19. Loved seeing the papers!!! Love reading your blog! Cheerio!

  20. Count me in! It would be a perfect addition to my Special Edition People Magazine I got this weekend.

  21. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs, especially the "royal wedding" you made it that much more fun & exciting. Oh & the fascinators, how fun that must of been. I think you should start your little "fascinator" business on the side.