Tuesday, May 31, 2011

York-It's Much More than the Minster

In addition to seeing Yorkminster church when visiting York, you'll have to be sure and visit the Shambles, voted the most picturesque street in Britain and winning the Google Street View Award in 2010. Lined on both sides with buildings from the 14th century, with overhanging timber framed buildings, the street was originally the location of scores of butcher shops, but today offers some of the most interesting shops and tea rooms in the city of York.

Shopping has to be one of the favorite pastimes in this quaint town,

with something to offer everyone,

whether it be  a pair of boots at Jones Bootmakers in this timbered building from the 1600's,

or a set of armour,

or something vintage from the church ladies at their rummage sale,

maybe something from the street market,

or even a bargain at Poundland, where everything's a pound! I must admit I gushed a bit at the possibility of finding things for just a pound--I had never seen such an option in London!

We had some great meals while we strolled the city streets, including a delicious sandwich from York Hogroast,

which was hand carved to our liking.

Our favorite meal there was at Little Betty's, the sister cafe to Betty's, which was first established in 1919, and draws huge crowds each day for delicious treats, meals, and afternoon tea. The hard part is narrowing down your choice from such a delicious array of goodies.

Our day was topped off with a spooky, thoroughly entertaining, quirky, and amusing Ghost Walk which sent us rushing back to the safety of our hotel at its conclusion.

All in anticipation of our day trip to Castle Howard the next day, which of course I will share with you soon, and which surprisingly proved to be one of my favorite castles in all of England.


  1. I happened to wonder while reading your second post about York if "New York" was named for York, England? If you mentioned that in the other post I missed that. Just curious!

    Enjoyed yet another "taste of England" ... thanks favorite tour guide friend of mine!

  2. You have inspired me, the next long weekend trip is to York. I can't wait to see the pictures of Castle Howard..how many times have I read about it in one of my Henry VIII novels???

  3. How cool! I love the ghost talk at the end, too spooky, lol. Great shots you got there. Looks like it was gorgeous weather!

  4. You are a fantastic tour guide. How much do you charge? just kidding. But honestly, If I ever get the chance to go to England again, one of my first trip planning stops will be your blog.

  5. That little street looks similiar to one in Shrewsury, where my mom was born. It was used in the filming of the Christmas Carol with George C. Scott years ago.
    All those mugs, bet there was one with Prince William and Kate on it. That's what I have been wanting a mug or better yet a teacup. You haven't seen any in the Houston area have you?

  6. Awww, I love York and Yorkshire. Beautiful places, stunning countryside and great old abbeys etc. I posted some pics back in February... PS: No apostrophe in "Bettys" ;-) but their afternoon tea is fabulous :-) xo

  7. What a wonderful tour through this delightful little English town! Everything is so quaint.

  8. Oh, Debi, I really, really, really want to visit the Shambles! You are such a wonderful tour guide. I so appreciate the time and detail you put into each post. Thank you!! – g

  9. Oh Debi, this is another part of Europe that I want to revel in...how I love FRANCE but England would be my next stop. Thank you for your lovely comment and yes, lavender is on our minds now!!! What an alluring plant...it makes me happy! Enjoy dearest, Anita

  10. Hello, Debi! Just found you through Anita's blog...I so enjoyed this trip to York! One of my favorite stops on my trip to England so many years ago...how I long to be back there again!

    I remember strolling through The Shambles so well...enchanted with the ancient buildings surrounding me...and Castle Howard was just about my favorite place to visit as well! I'll be back to see your post on it!

    I'll be following along--what a lovely opportunity you have to visit there so often!

    Hope you're having a wonderful evening...

    Julie--A Vintage Chic

    (Blogger still won't let me "Sign In"!)