Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Day at Wakehurst Gardens

One of my favorite day trips this spring was to Wakehurst, a beautiful country estate and gardens in the countryside of Sussex, which is administered by the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew.

The Elizabethan house of the 16th century is the perfect backdrop for a tour of the extensive 465 acres of gardens

which were largely developed in the 20th century by Lord Wakefield--Gerald Loder, who spent 33 years working on his project.

Lakes abound on the property

skirted by the colors of the season.

Footpaths lead you through

an array of changing landscapes

of gardens, wetlands and woodlands.

The Himalayan Glade is a highlight of the tour and showcases Wakehurst's collection of Asian plants.

Flowers catch your eye

at every turn

and it's no surprise

that the gardens are the most visited National Trust Property.

The pheasants were quite friendly

and strutted off their

feather finery at every chance they could.

As the day wound to a close, the sun broke out on what had been a chilly April morning,

and we resolved to come back for another glimpse of all the flora soon.


  1. Wow. Simply wow! And just look at those fabulous pheasants...and God cares about every feather...He is amazing, our beautiful His creations. have a great weekend Debi.

  2. very well kept! I like the amazing plants and birds!

  3. I wanna go! My camera want to go! Beautiful destination and descriptions as always, Debi.

  4. So pretty! Love those pheasants!!!

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous place!!

  6. So pretty! No wonder it's been one of your favorite visits!

  7. Such fabulous places that are the stuff of romantic novels! Add a few gorgeous flowers and these are postcard perfect pictures! Really, Debi, these are just gorgeous! The pheasants are so beautiful too! You should be a professional photographer!

  8. Oh dear...what a GORGEOUS MEANDERING PATH TO PARADISE!!! THank you dearest for coming to visit with me; do come next week and tour the blogging community to get ready for your REAL trip to PARIS!!!! MERCI and your photos are stunning! Anita

  9. Wow! What a incredible place to visit. You must love visiting here as I know I would.
    These photo's are really awesome and made me feel like I was there with you.
    I have to catch up with you honey while I am here

  10. Now, THIS is a place that's been near the top of my list to visit for years now. And from your beautiful photos it looks like you went at exactly the right time, Debi. Incredible!!