Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fascinator Fashion

Perhaps one of the other advantages to the media coverage of the Royal Wedding, is that it introduced many outside of Britain to the phenomenon of "fascinators." Fascinators are an alternative headpiece to a hat, worn at formal occasions, especially weddings, garden parties, and Royal Ascot. They are flirty and frilly and worn atop a headband, instead of a full hat.

After the wedding, Cristen and I decided to go fascinator shopping, and we had so much fun trying them on. It's a wonder we did not get a polite shove out the door in the three stores we visited, but no one seemed to mind our little dress-up party.

Which are your favorites?


I started out with some small ones,


before working up to something a little more dramatic, 


but Cristen jumped right in to the big ones.


I mean really, really big ones. Remember these are all attached to a headband.


We had an early "fascination" with feathers


of all shapes and sizes. Can you see that this one fills the whole frame of the photo, because the black feathers flying off into space are all attached to the band? You'd have to be careful whose nose you were tickling as you turned your head from side to side!


This one was fun,


and we loved the pink colors.


Remember, not a hat--it's a fascinator! This was one of Cristen's favorites.


The dress code for Royal Ascot, the horserace I'm attending next month, calls for ladies to wear a hat or "substantial fascinator," which just means one can't go too small for that occasion.


This one was a favorite of Cristen's, until she saw the price tag! Pink flowers are in the back ground, not attached. I know it's hard to tell where one stops and another starts.


A little quirky


somewhat more elegant


definitely flirty


a conversation piece


frilly and




Do you think that we could import this style into Texas? Cristen and I would be tempted to buy even more if we thought we could wear them in Texas when we move back someday.

And finally, I couldn't pass up this chance to share this adorable photo I took of a little girl trying on a ladies' hat while we were playing dress up too. Is she not the cutest thing you've seen in a long time?

I've labeled the fascinators with a letter, if you would like to weigh in on which is your favorite. Do you think we could start up an export business and get the trend started stateside? How fun!  Which one would you like to order for yourself if given the chance???

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  1. I like J for Cristen and R for you. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Jeanne

  2. It looks like y'all had fun!
    I'm hoping Holly finds a substantial fascinator for Ascot.

  3. I loved H and N .... and what a fun thing to do ..:-) .. I have a fascinator that I wore for my son's wedding .. maybe I should do a post ..have a super week .xox

  4. I didn't know they have a special name:) some of them are really crazy:)

  5. Good morning Madame!!! I LOVE HATS...I SO LOVE THEM and as quirky and wild as these may be, WHY NOT TRY THEM ON!!! Absolutely fun. And thank you for your visit last night; I hope you had a splendid celebration!!!

    Have a lovely week and thank you so much. Anita

  6. This is probably a boring choice, but on you, I liked A the best.

    I think fascinators would be a blast in the USA. Maybe they could start at Prom or as little girl dress up fashion. I don't know if they will ever go over. I think we saw a few too missteps walking into the wedding ceremony. Maybe that was a hat... you know the one!!! I'm not naming names, but I think she was in Row 2, next to her sister and father, sans mother!

  7. How fun!! My favorites are H, J and M!

  8. I love this idea - hats usually do not fit my head. My favorites are B, H, I, J, Q and R. The creams are pretty but wouldn't work with my white hair. You didn't mention how expensive - I think they would have a limited audience in Texas but I have two nieces that would love them.

  9. I think I like I and J the best. They all are some fabulous headpieces, that's for sure! :) xxoo

  10. E was my favorite on you and N on Christen! She has a "hat head" too though and wore ALL those hats really supurbly!! She's adorable!!! (-so are you!!)

  11. You both are wonderful hat models! So tough to decide but if I must I would choose N for Cristen and D for you. Ascot! I can't wait!!

  12. For you, Mrs. Kirksey, I liked A or H. And for your precious daughter-in-law, I LOVED her in I or J. What a ham she is!! So, you must do a post on the one you choose to wear to the races!! Can't wait. Kiss kiss Mrs. Watson

  13. You guys are too cute and having way too much fun!! (Without me! ;)
    This was tough, so I ended up with several favorites:
    Debi- A, H, and R
    Cristen- I, J, and L
    See you soon!

  14. Fun, fun, fun! Debi, I liked you best in E. I think you could pull that off on a Sunday back home. Can't decide between N & Q for Cristen. Can't wait to see what you choose for Royal Ascot!

    Miss you!

  15. Aren't they 'fascinating'?! I'll be at the Ascot too - in my rented hat!! Can't wait :) XOL

  16. "I" has to be my favourite. It's so simple and elegant. You both look lovely and fun with your fascinators and I think you should introduce them to Texas ;-) xo

  17. I just cracked up when I got to the FINAL photo (whew) and then saw you little grand daughter with the BIGGEST of the hats on her little head!

  18. This is just a delightful adventure, Debi. I'm so happy you took us along. I think "H" and "I". Thank you.

  19. I think A and R look gorgeous on you Deb! What a great selection of fascinators! I actually love them all!

    Best wishes and happy week,

  20. As an English Milliner, in Houston, it seems fate that we should get together and talk fascinators..

    Lindsay aka Violet Peacock Millinery