Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Checking off the bucket list

We're using some of our holiday time this year to check a few things off of our bucket list. For some time now, we have wanted to visit Budapest, since we never found time to get there when we previously lived in Europe in the early 90's. Not wanting to miss it this time, we planned a long weekend, and off we went to Budapest.

Divided by the serene Danube River, the towns of Buda and Pest were not officially merged until 1873. The beautiful House of Parliament on the banks of the river is often compared to to the House of Parliament in London--very similar styles.

From the Pest side, we strolled across the Széchenyl Chain Bridge to the Buda side to get a closer look of Castle Hill.

The views of the city were incredible from Fisherman's Bastion,

and the whole Castle District had treasures at every turn,

one of the most beautiful being the Matthias Church

which has hosted several coronations, as well as royal weddings and baptisms. Just one example of some of the distinctive and beautiful architecture of this city,

that you stumble upon while strolling the city streets.

One of the last buildings we spotted not far from our hotel was the Museum of Applied Arts, whose exterior rivals its collection. Built in the 1870's, it remains a lovely example of Art Nouveau style.

One can't help but notice the juxtaposition of architecture throughout the city center as you walk its streets. Having been under Communist control until 1989, the country is still struggling to reclaim its earlier glory.

There is an abundance of resilience among the Hungarians going forward to forge their way as a major power in this century.

Its future lies in the Hungarian people, whose future is bright. With treasures like the landmarks we saw in our visit there, the door is open wide. 

So much to share about this lovely city and I hope you'll come back to future posts to read and see more about their markets, their baths, and some of its interesting heritage.


  1. What an experience!! While you are there, why not make the most of it?? It sounds like just THE most fabulous adventure!! I want to come back as YOU in my next life!!! :-)

  2. Oh, I've always wanted to visit there a's well. I look forward to future posts. You got some grat pictures!

  3. Wow, gorgeous architecture! Sounds like a wonderful trip, Debi! I look forward to your future posts! xxoo :)

  4. This is a wodnerful city, I had a chance to spend there an unforatable stay during Christmas period a few years ago

  5. WOW How enticing is that?
    And to think I once dated a Hungarian but never got to either pest or Buda..

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this trip, Debi. Budapest is somewhere we've talked about going and I have two good friends there and now your wonderful tour has convinced me we would love it! And you had beautiful weather! Isn't it grand how you can go anywhere in Europe for the weekend! :)-g

  7. Very nice! Glad you got to check that bucket list item off. Hoping we get to check some others off with you next year! Looking forward to future posts as always!