Friday, July 22, 2011

Staying Close in Lourmarin

So, I promise you that the Provence Tourist Office has not retained me for my services to keep sharing with you all the reasons you should put this part of France on your bucket list, but I can't help but show you in a few more blogs some of the beautiful things we saw while there.

From the terrace of Les Olivettes where we stayed, the village of Lourmarin was drawing us in. 

Only a 7 minute walk through some pathways,

passing alongside the Renaissance Chateau de Lourmarin

and the Protestant Temple church,

and then we were there, to stroll though its back alleys and courtyards.

Our afternoon was spent wandering through cobbled streets of the little village which comes to life in the summer months. Settled at least 1000 years ago,

today it boasts lovely houses, shops

art galleries, and restaurants. 

Peter Mayle, who formerly lived in the nearby village of Ménerbes, is now one of its inhabitants.

The author of A Year in Provence and A Good Year, which have both been made into movies of the same title, he is actually a big reason for the recent upsurge of interest

in the Provence area among English speaking people.

Charm, sunshine, good food and the easy life--a perfect vacation package.

Your morning could start out with some of the locals and visitors at the cafe,

and your day might end eating Italian food al fresco by a fountain with an extra little guest like we had.

Or you might enjoy the ambiance of this little restaurant on the main square where we dined the second evening.

Have I mentioned that Lourmarin had its own fabulous, I mean really fabulous market?  Next post, I'll show you some photos of that experience. I think you'll like it!! Maybe we'll all go on a virtual field trip together and you can tell me what you would have purchased if you had been there....


  1. Beautiful, as usual. I love the picture of the church! That one really stuck out to me. :)

  2. I can almost smell that lavender.

  3. Somebody please get me out of London...xo

  4. What a glorious post. I'll be there on the next flight. You have such an exciting life, traveling between such gorgeous places. Your blog is such a wonderful way to memorize each special moment.

  5. Oh dearest, you have escorted me back to a place where I ambled about, discovering, observing, listening, taking in with all my heart. THE FRENCH are wonderful and their lifestyle is to be admired and emulated...I HAVE A TOTE EXACTLY LIKE THAT ONE in your photo that I picked up in Sarlat in LE PERIGORD...the S.W. of France.....BREATHTAKING!!!!

    BISES! Oh, thank you for coming over and may God give you all you need to swim out to your goals!!! Anita