Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Market Day in Lourmarin

If it's Friday morning, it's market day in Lourmarin, and the streets are full of vendors and abuzz with shoppers,

elbow to elbow seeking out the freshest and most unusual products of the day.

Of course, your first purchase must be your French market bag if you don't yet have one,

or you might prefer a more colorful one. Now be ready, it's time to fill your bag.

What will you take home for the day?

Will it be beautiful,  fresh tomatoes,

fruits of every color,

flowers for your home,

sachets of lavender,

 or maybe some local pottery?

You don't want to forget the cheese on your list,

or the sweet melons of Cavaillon,

smocked dresses for your favorite mademoiselle,



and some fragrant figs.

In great demand are the "draps de hamman," or Turkish sheet towels

in every color to be used to drape your lounge chair, or as a beach wrap.

Also unique are the bags made from the pull tabs of cans--something for everyone, I guess.

A great gift to take home would be some Savon de Marseille, a traditional pure soap made from olive oil

or you might fall in love with these hand-made "coeurs de lavande" like I did. Full of lavender and decorated with ribbons, these are a special keepsake from Provence. More about these here.

Do you have your bread for dinner,

or all the spices you need,

the onions,

a roasted chicken,

some garlic,

or a flavored vinegar, almost too pretty to use?

Your trip might not be complete without a painting that will always recall the lovely town of Lourmarin.

And if you really want to end the day like the locals do, stop for a coffee back at the village square to people-watch before making your way back home.

As for me, as our shopping wound down, I was grateful for a husband to help cart back all our purchases and a market bag that would "almost" hold it all.

One more glance over our shoulders at the church as we head back along the footpath, eager to enjoy our purchases of the day.

So tell me, how would you fill your basket on market day?


  1. Oh my, I am drooling! What a fabulous market! Where are the rest of your bags? I am ready to go back next June! Will you be our leader?

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I wanna go so bad! I love those sheet towels!

  3. LOVE all the pictures! I'd like one of everything, please. HOW do you not go broke?!?! :)

  4. this was a great post! I loved every single picture! The tomatoes look really fresh and tasty, the same other vegetables. The only problem I would have that I could not probably decide what to chose:)

  5. Beautiful photos as always :) LOVE that market bag, do they sell any here in the states?

  6. Fabulous pictures, Debi! Your blog is better than any advertisement for these places. I WANT to go there - badly.

  7. This post is beautiful- I want some of those Turkish bath towels!

  8. Beautiful place, Debi! I would fill my market bag with fruits, veggies, bread, turkish sheet towels, chicken, a painting or two...ok, everything!! I really, really want to go there now! xxoo :)

  9. It would take me all day to browse. Beautiful!

  10. WOOOO! LET ME TELL YOU....I had one of those large baskets and I would fill it daily with BREAD and cheese and tons of FRUIT!!! Oh how I love these markets! I was in Sarlat for a week and just about ate myself through the town. Teeeheee...what a place! AND NICE, MENTON, ANTIBES, CANNES...oh yeah baby, I WAS THERE!

    Dearest, thank you for coming to visit. Though the words are not mine this week, the quotes just said everything I wanted to share.



  11. The first thought that came to my mind about filling my beautiful basket was with a friend like you to enjoy the day.
    I can not tell you how much I enjoyed this market day with you my sweet dear friend. It was like I was there and having the best time ever trying to pick out what I can't live without One of those unique lavender pieces would have to be I am going to click on your redirect to find out more about them.
    Thanks so much for a delightful visit