Monday, August 8, 2011

Hot Time in the City

Leaving the south of France by the speed train to Paris, we found the hottest weather of our trip. Definitely the "dog days of summer," the temperatures the week we were in Paris hit 95 degrees.

Very unusual, considering today in Paris, the high is 70 degrees and we're now into the month of August.

Parisians headed to the River Seine

doing a little sun worshipping and cooling off their feet in the flowing river.

The streets were packed with action: an impromptu jazz band,

a mobile piano inspiring Parisian girls to dance

away their troubles.

Sweet little girls and boys filled the playgrounds,

bikers took to the streets, making their way through the long lines waiting for Berthillon ice cream

at several spots on the Ile de la Cité.

Of course, a "boule" of strawberry helped cool us off,

as well as plenty of bottles of water at every food stand across the city.

Well, aren't these little shoes just as hot as they can be?

Just how do you manage the streets of Paris in those?

Open topped cars were a hit,

as well as open air buses.

And of course, summertime in Paris = tourists,

and more tourists,

and more tourists.

I'd wait till September to go, if I was you....


  1. Trying to figure out if those leopard shoes are yours. I kind of like them. What does that say about me?

  2. Thanks for this report, Paris seems to be really crowded these days!

  3. Hi Debi! Yes, the weather in Paris has been funny, like many places this year. We had mostly lovely days in the 70s but on this past Friday, the day before I left, there was a tremendous thunder storm with sideways rain. An hour later it was all cleared up again!

    So glad you got the ice cream – it's hard to resist, especially with so many places offering it on the Ile Saint Louis. I joked to D that it should be called the Ile de Berthillon.

    There were a lot of tourists but not unpleasant. Everyone was enjoying themselves. But as you say, September is probably much better. A return trip is in order! :) – g

  4. Hi Debi, thanks for the welcome back - it went a bit too quick ;-) I have to admit that you have a point here: I'd absolutely leave it til September to go to Paris - though your pictures are still lovely :-) xo

  5. OH TAKE ME NOW!!!! How I love Paris....and the boules of sorbet, the people, the fashion, and YES, the HEAT! I was there in late July 9 years ago and it was FREEZING! The weather has been so crazy across the Western word!

    Dearest, your kind comments are much appreciated!!! May all of our dreams come true as we work and learn our way through......oh, enjoy your LIFE!!!! Anita

  6. I love Paris in April/May .. late August/September .. I have also been in June, which was a little bit packed this year, but only in the very high tourist areas. Which we could not avoid at one point ,as my freind and I had to meet somewhere, that I knew. But we had lots of fun. :-)