Sunday, April 29, 2012

Singin' in the Rain

I've been back in London for a week now, and I promise you, in that amount of time, there have been very few moments when it has not been raining. 

And, no, we are not Singin' in the Rain like the West End show, but are actually growing a bit "rain-weary."

The news is reporting that it's been one of the rainiest April's in recent years, and I believe it.

When everything around you is grey, you have to start looking out of the box to find some color. I decided I should trade in my black umbrella for something cheerier,

and I began to look out from underneath my umbrella as I walked, and saw some beautiful wisteria down the block,

and these beautiful flowers blooming overhead.

Flowers at the vendor on the corner,

no blue overhead, but a spot of blue on the For Hire bikes

and "black cabbie."

Personally, I can pass on sitting at a sidewalk cafe under an umbrella,

but I did pause for a minute to wonder what I could buy at the Superdry Store to make life a little more bearable.

Probably if I took the time to read this book I found at Waterstone's, I might be able to solve the mystery of British weather.


Proof that it won't rain forever was just outside my front door one afternoon for just a brief moment, and that was enough to give me hope that brighter days could possibly be ahead.

But I'm not holding my breath...

Just waiting and watching,
and waiting and watching some more, and being the seasoned Londoner that I am,
never leaving the house without the brolly.


  1. All the bloggers in London are lamenting the rain. But, somehow, you've put a lovely spin on it. xx's

  2. I love this post! It's important to find the color in life, isn't it? Thank you!!

  3. Beautiful! This is the exact opposite of my dreary blog post about the rain. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face! :-)

  4. Smart lady you are thinking of a bright colored umbrella instead of the black. I don't think many people would of thought of that but shows how creative you are to look for colors even on a raining dreary day in London. lol
    I of course would love to see London rain or not but I like you can only take so many rain days.
    Was in Houston last night and thought of you wondering if you were in Houston or London. I just can't keep up with you. lol
    It is already in the 90's in Houston but actually the past week was nice to get outside early morning and late evenings.
    Your pic's as always are wonderful
    My friend Gretchen has been in London since April 12th taking a graduate course in arts.
    I should of told her to look you up because you would adore Gretchen.
    Take care and don't forget your ? whatever that was you said...
    Love ya

  5. You always have a way of bringing some sunshine into our lives....thank you!

  6. london does get more than its fair share of rain.
    thank goodness for rainbows!

  7. Love this post - if I lived there I would have a rainbow of colored umbrellas! Haha There is always fab things to see even when the weather is not the best and you have definitely shown that! xxoo

  8. That rainbow is beautiful! It's brilliant that you captured it :)
    I hope your May is full of sunshine and rainbows!

  9. Great post, Debi! Good that you took the weather with a dose of humour. I guess we can thank the awful weather for our flight delays which resulted in us having last Monday in London – which was beautiful and sunny!

    So wonderful that London is getting all spruced up for the Jubilee and Olympics. I was sad on my last visit to see the phone boxes in disrepair but they are looking good now and we even saw one being painted as we walked by.

    Maybe yet we'll meet up there for a spot of tea at Fortnum and Mason!