Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jordan tells a story

What would you give to capture the imagination of a child----to see castles, furry friends, talking animals and a technicolor landscape? When your world is about dancing ballerinas, purple dinosaurs, and big yellow birds? And to see the rainbows instead of the rain in all that's around you? I think that's priceless....

So once upon a time....

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So, did you get all that?


  1. I got every word ... have no idea what she said but she's definitely saying something!!

    Thanks for sharing your little storyteller with us! She's looking so big here. Does it seems like she's grown a bit every time you come home from London? I bet so!

  2. Thanks for making my night with this. I don't like going to sleep alone over here and not being able to put her to bed!


  3. Aunt Ashley (aka: The Baby Whisperer) was able to figure out some of Jordan's cues. She's telling you about her fun day at the beach! The kicking in the water and the seagulls flying close to her...pretty amazing, huh?!

  4. I loved Jordan's story. She has a lot of expression and imagination. I would love to have her in my Kindergarten class.