Wednesday, July 15, 2009

London Sales

By law, Britain is allowed sales twice a year. For those of us converting from dollars to pounds, it's one of the few occasions when things seem affordable. Luckily for our kids who are visiting this week, they hit it at just the right time.
In fact, this week is the final week of sales for many stores, with extra reductions being added. Wednesday, we headed out for a day of exploring and shopping.
One of the first stops was to Ted Baker, where Cristen tried on a red dress. The red color continued to be a recurring theme through the day.
Allison fell in love with a flirty blouse that she found at a great price.

They had loads of fun trying on hats at Peter Jones. Watch for future postings of all their fun modeling the latest hat styles. I think they look ready for Ascot, don't you?
The boys were so patient, waiting while they girls searched....
and biding their time until it was their turn to look. They stood ready with the cash and credit cards when needed.
At Zara, someone fell in love with these red shoes.....
and someone else considered these, but passed them up.
These were the shoes that came home with us that day. Guess whose is whose?

Stay tuned for the boys' shopping experience.

1 comment:

  1. Well, the first hats definitely were my favorites, but I think I have settled on 4 for Cristen and C for Allison!!
    Thanks for an entertaining few minutes....and some outright laughter! That style show was hilarious!!! That "collar" looks just like what Veterinarians put on cats or dogs to keep them from licking or biting themselves for various reasons!!!!
    Love to you dear friend....