Friday, July 17, 2009

London Sales for the Guys

The final days of the London sales are winding down, and Harrod's would want you to believe that "There is only one sale." After perusing Harrod's for awhile with the girls, the boys headed out for a little bargain shopping of their own in a different direction.

First, Ryan fell in love with a grey suit which he is taking home,

and Jason found a sports coat and a dress shirt at Zara for a steal.

Next ,they headed to Jermyn Street where the shops are aimed at the gentleman's market.

There you find many shirt-makers,

men's toiletry items,


and hat shops. Don't these look like the hats the gentleman were wearing at Wimbledon? The boys didn't buy hats, but they did buy shirts.

One of their favorite shirt stores is T. M. Lewin.

Thomas Pink even has a white shirt bar with 21 different styles. We girls should be so lucky!

Precise measurements are essential.

They bought ties-pink, purple, blue and yellow.

Almost like a candy shop, the threads and buttons were yummy colors. All in all, the guys are going home with some great looks and some sharp looking purchases.

The one thing Jason was sad to leave behind was this McLaren parked right outside Harrod's door. Just because it has a base price of $500,000, reaches 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, and tops out at 208 miles, he thinks it would be the perfect souvenir.


  1. I'm so glad they were able to take care of such important "business", to use Ryan's words.

  2. Looks like an absolutely wonderful trip! I am sure it was so fun to go shopping with the "kids" again! Glad you guys got to enjoy some family time together in London.