Friday, July 31, 2009

Rose Garden at Regents Park

Enter through the Jubilee Gates

into the Inner Circle of Regent's Park. Mike and I took a walk through this historical 410 acre park last Friday before heading back to the States. Regent's Park is located in northern central London and was originally designated as hunting grounds by Henry VIII. For him, it was a short ride from the Whitehall Palace. Then in 1811, the Price Regent (later George IV) directed John Nash to come up with a master plan for the park. Today it includes a lake, canal, restaurants, the London Zoo, sporting fields and two villas from the original design.

In the summertime, my favorite part of the park is the Rose Garden, which has 30,000 roses (wouldn't you like the job of counting them) of 400 different varieties.

The colors, the smells and the textures are breathtaking.

Enjoy some of our photos. You can always click on them to take a closer look.

Among the wildlife there, are some fascinating black swans. You remember from an earlier post who owns those don't you?

Alas, I wish I could leave you with a Scratch 'n Sniff application. Imagine....


  1. Oooh, so pretty! Inspires me to want to improve my gardening skills.

  2. A requirement for your next camera...Scratch 'n Sniff!
    Thank you for sharing a portion of God's beauty.