Sunday, August 2, 2009

I love Paris in the Springtime

Before I started my blogging journey in June, Mike and I took a weekend trip to Paris in April. April in Paris--it's hard to beat. For those of you who know me well, I'm a self-proclaimed Francophile. I love France, its art, its history, its culture, its countryside, but believe it or not, I'm not crazy about French food--except for the pastries, of course. From London, the journey by train from St. Pancras Station in London to the Gare du Nord Station in Paris takes just over two hours. The trip through the Chunnel is the fastest way to get to Paris now, considering how much extra time it takes at the airport these days. Through the years, I've probably been to Paris, my favorite city, at least 50 times. So, even though I've done the check list of all the things tourists should see and do, I always marvel at its beauty as if it was my first time there each time I go.

Spring was just making its arrival in Paris when we were there in April. Tulips and daffodils were the first hints of the splendor ahead.

Suddenly open air buses were all the rage for tourists once more.

Sidewalk cafes were full since everyone wanted their lunch or coffee outside. That's where the best people watching takes place.

Time for fresh starts and moving in--see how the conveyor lift moves your goods to the top floor?

A bride rushing down Rue Royale.

Spring chickens in the windows of Laduree--my favorite stop for macarons. More to come in future postings about Laduree.

YUM--can you beat this assortment of spring colors?

A quick walk in an April shower to the boulangerie for bread. Notice some one's faithful friend waiting patiently outside.

The Louvre seen here with all its treasures inside, but with spring fever, most Parisians wanted to be outside in the Tuileries gardens

Strolling the grounds and taking in the sunshine.

Sitting around the pond catching a few rays

And watching the children play with their toy wooden boats.

This week's posts will feature more of Paris in April, so stay tuned. We'll get back to London soon.


  1. Beautiful!! Paris always has the best window displays; I'm eager for your Laduree post. :)

  2. Love the pictures in this post. I can almost smell the fresh air.