Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Texas Embassy

When we get homesick in London for a little bit of Texas, we sometimes hop down to the Texas Embassy Cantina located just off Trafalgar Square. Mike gets there more often than I do, since his office is nearby. The Texas Embassy is located in the same building that once housed the White Star shipping company, the owners of the Titanic. After the tragedy, friends and relatives came to this very spot to see the list of the survivors.

Today the Tex-Mex restaurant honors the time in Texas history between 1836-1845 when Texas was actually a country called the Texas Republic, and its president was General Sam Houston. The Republic actually set up an embassy in London during this time which is now the location of the Berry Brothers Wine Shop on St. James Street.

Today, the cantina offers traditional Tex-Mex food such as fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas and nachos. Once Mike hosted a group of local CFO's from other energy companies for dinner, and it was a big hit.

At the end of our kids' stay in London, the girls and I had time for lunch before catching a matinee, and this was their restaurant of choice. You can find their menu and more about the restaurant by clicking Texas Embassy. What do we think of the cuisine? Well, you're asking a native Houstonian, so I'll just say it's good for London! Tex-Mex food is always our first dinner out when we come back to Texas, always is and always will be.


  1. I'll never forget on a visit to see Jeremy at HUF, the kids were all craving Mexican food so we went to a Mexican restaurant in Paris. You are so right, nothing compares to Houston Tex-Mex.

  2. Wow - cool that you can even get TexMex in London! I think I would try to smuggle some chips and dip across the border. And don't worry, not even Dallas can compete with Houston TexMex.