Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let the Music Transport You

It's summer and there's music in the air. You'll find music everywhere you turn in London. Bands performing in the parks

Musicians in the street,

on the sidewalks,

and even in the tube stations. There are over 300 singers and musicians who are authorized and licensed buskers who can entertain commuters on the underground. For two hours at a time, they give their best song while standing on designated "pitches." The program is called Let the Music Transport You, and I happen to be one of those commuters who enjoy the music while I'm rushing from Point A to Point B.

This summer, a competition for young musicians from ages 16-25 has been sponsored with the grand prize being a year-long license as a busker on the underground. Each selected participant had a 2o minute time slot to make their impression. Now it's up to voters to decide on their favorites. You can hear one of them when you click the photo above, but if you care to hear more, all the performances can be found at the Rhythm of London website.

One of the most entertaining options London had to offer this summer was their "Play Me I'm Yours" campaign. For three weeks, 30 pianos were placed around town outdoors in public spaces, and they were available for spontaneous music by passers-by. I spotted my first piano on the walk leading up to St. Paul's Cathedral. A young girl was plunking the keys much to the delight of pedestrians walking by. You can hear some of her performance by clicking the arrow. After serving on the streets, the pianos were donated to local school and community groups. Do-re-mi never sounded so good and certainly put a song in the heart of summer in London.

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  1. I love this post!

    I've always been in love with London, even though I've never been there. I'm excited.... hubby and I made our train reservations today!

    Paris-London here I come. We are going to do as much as we can from our 9:30am arrival to our 8:00pm departure.

    Wish us luck!
    Teri (Gigi)