Friday, August 7, 2009

Paris style

Final thoughts on Paris this week must include some references to fashion and to that inimitable style that all French women seem to carry off. It's a sense of self-confidence and an emphasis on quality over quantity that distinguish the French women. They may buy very few new pieces of clothing and accessories each year, but they will typically be items of classic style and quality--timeless.

Of course, France is usually considered the capital of haute couture, which sometimes comes off as being a little extreme, perhaps even bizarre, but always something to talk about, such as the dress I saw while walking along the Rue du Faubourg St. Honore. Is it to your liking?

John Galliano featured these hats this spring with his designs. They sure caught my eye as I passed by.

Do you think Jordan needs one of these 18th century dresses I saw in a children's shop?

Of course, the classic Chanel suit is the icon of French fashion and imitated worldwide, but the quality of her studio's work outshines all the copies.

This year for the first time, I made a Chanel purchase--a black classic quilted lambskin bag. I'm sure I will carry it forever, and it's one of those items I should have bought years ago before they escalated in price. Coco Chanel was a fascinating character with a controversial story. I'm looking forward to the movie of her early life which is currently playing in the UK, and due in theaters in the US in September. Here's the trailer if you'd like to get a preview.

So I'll close out this week's postings on our spring trip to Paris with this parting shot of sunset on the Place de la Concorde and a glimpse of a twinkling Eiffel Tower in the background. Magical!

With all the thoughts about fashion introduced here, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share with you the results of last month's poll on the hats that my daughters-in-law modeled in London. Thank you for voting and your choices are as follows. I agree! They look pretty classy in these.

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