Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday shopping

Jordan has a birthday coming up next month. While she was visiting with me today, I took her to Toys R Us to see if I could get an idea of something she might really enjoy having as a present. We looked at dolls, tea sets, doll houses, Barbie guitars, Elmo, and she seemed to like all those ideas, but did not mind one bit when I suggested that we had to put them back on the shelf.

BUT, when we got to the motorized vehicles, there was no more sitting in the buggy, because she fell in love with a Barbie Hybrid Escalade. Oh what fun she had, opening the doors, turning it on, playing with all the radio buttons, and driving with her hair flying in the wind!

Then Gigi looked at the price tag! Wow! Too bad it is out of stock, because I just know we would have bought one for her, or two--one for each house, at that price. She did have a back-up second choice however.

A Polaris Ranger! Wouldn't that be fun running up and down the sidewalks, impressing all the neighbor kids as she left them in her dust. So, a quick price check....

Well, on second thought, maybe that's what her other grandparents will want to buy her!!!

I'm also sending you the link to one of my London friend's blog. She captured the photo that I've been wanting to catch, but couldn't ever find a time when I could do it discreetly. It shows one of the schools near our house and the precious little school girls in their uniforms. Each school has its own look, and I think this is one of the cutest. You'll find my friend, Holly's blog here.

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  1. Jordan looks precious in her car. But I agree with you, a doll or tea set is much better!