Saturday, September 26, 2009


I interrupt this story of England to bring you an update on Jordan. Bear with me, but of course, we think she just hung the moon. As you might recall, she is my "soon-to-be-two" granddaughter who is picking up new vocabulary left and right, and putting little sentences together that just amaze us. A few weeks ago, she got chatty on the phone, and when she turns it on, she is just like a little water faucet that won't turn off. Forget the English language we all know and love, because she has her own method of communication when she has a lot to say. About halfway through this video she really cranks it up. I tried to do some editing, but there were so few places to cut in, that I had to just post it in its entirety. Hope you get a few chuckles out of it. Poppy, by the way, is my husband.


  1. I love how she uses her tongue while she is having a conversation...she is so articulate. That is a very cute video...she is going to be a talker. Ryan is going to have to get a cell phone plan with unlimited minutes on it.

    Melanie Bee

  2. That video is a precious keepsake..what a doll! I think I heard a few French phrases and her jeweled accessories remind me of her grandmother and the Paris fashion shows! Pappy must be proud!

  3. HILARIOUS!!! Jeremy and I just watched this together (with Caleb) and we were all in stitches. Wow, her personality is really showing! I love the clicking of her tongue and her little sassy expressions. I can't wait to see her again!!

  4. Oh My Goodness!! That is too precious! Oh how it makes me miss that age. I LOVE the tongue thing she's got going on! :-)

    Allison Fuller

  5. This is an adorable post!!! Poppy needs a digital copy of this to keep on his desk and play when life gets too stressful!

  6. It almost sounds like she is speaking in French. Maybe you have a future Parisian on your hands?

    Rachel Crain

  7. So Sweet!

    I still can't believe you and your husband are Gigi and Poppy, just like Scott and I!!!!

    Someday....we meet!