Sunday, September 20, 2009

Penshurst Place

These last two weeks in England have been busy ones, first with my sister's stay the first week, and then a visit from my husband's company's board of directors and their wives, and then finally a mini-trip the last few days to the Cotswolds. I have so many things to share with you, and if you'll allow me a little time over these next couple of weeks while I'm back in the States, I hope to share many interesting and beautiful things I've seen. A week ago now, I went to visit Penshurst Place, an historic home in Kent which is the ancestral home of the Sidney family.

This visit was another one of the fun activities that was offered through the American Women's Club here in the city. We sat out by coach (bus) for our day trip. Upon arrival we were amazed at the size and beauty of this incredible stately home. It has passed through the hands of royalty and nobility for over 600 years.

First built in 1341, it was later enlarged in 1552 when King Edward gave the house to Sir William Sidney, who had been a courtier to King Henry VIII. It has passed through this family through time, and is now one of the best preserved examples of a defended manor house in England. We were not allowed to take photos of the furnishings inside, but I can tell you that the interiors were fascinating. An interesting tidbit, the huge Baron's Hall, completed in 1341, has recently been used in the filming of The Other Boleyn Girl, as well as The Princess Bride. Of course, now I'm eager to see these two movies again, to spy the hall we visited.

Visiting the gardens was delightful. Eleven acres of Elizabethan garden design charm you at every turn.

Still blooming in September were the roses-white and pink.

Surprises awaited us as we strolled: apple trees,

fountains with rainbows,

garden rooms cut from hedges,

and at the end of our visit, a group picture of the London gals. Another page to add to our memory books.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Fascinated by the garden rooms cut from hedges. Wouldn't our grandchildren have fun playing in those? Love you.

  2. Maybe like most of my generation, I am OBSESSED with The Princess Bride. So, before you even mentioned it in your blog, I was already thinking, that looks like a place where The Princess Bride could have been filmed! Very cool.

  3. It's late...I'm still in Paris. My jeans are drying in the tiny washer/dryer, and I'm waiting for them to cut off.

    I had SO loved these past few posts. We leave for London in the morning. Looks like the weather will cooperate! I'm excited to tell you my impressions of it all. We only have about 12 hours, but plan to pack in as much as we can.

    Ta Ta as they say,