Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Market color

On a recent Saturday, we headed out to a couple of markets that we enjoy in London. Shown in this photo is the market that is very close to our house. Held only on Saturdays at the Duke of York Square, it primarily features many types of prepared food. It was such a pretty September day, that I grabbed my new camera and away we went. Before this last trip, I finally purchased the new Nikon D3000 that had just come out, got a quick lesson at the store and left town the next day. So far, I'm pretty adept at taking pictures on the "automatic" setting--otherwise known as the default setting for those who know nothing more.

I love the colors of the market, and this Saturday was no exception. Grabbing an almond croissant, we headed out for the day.

Can't go to the market without getting a little bag of nuts. The vendors love to give you samples, and are quite willing to mix a bag of your favorites.

I was surprised to see such beautiful strawberries this late in the season. A bowl of strawberries with cream poured over the top is the English way to indulge.

Fresh vegetables from the farmers nearby.

The color story continues at the Borough Market that I wrote about earlier in this post.

Shades of purple and white--I'm just getting the hang of this new gadget.

And this plant with pink, white and red berries. I'm dying to know what it is. Does anyone know?

And to welcome autumn which knocks at our door, a wagon full of pumpkins.
Happy fall!
Now if I could just find that instruction book for the camera, that I never even opened, I might could try something more advanced. At the present time, it is AWOL, and I have a sinking feeling it might be on a Continental airplane flying all around the country deep in one of those seat pouches, never to be seen again. Oh well.....


  1. All your pictures make me miss England so much. It was just getting so beautiful when we left. I'm so glad you post often.

  2. Wow! The colors and the freshness of the Market are indeed beautiful and inspiring. Makes me wish for some time to slow down and go enjoy at least a local farmers' market. One of these days maybe we will get there and to visit my "German cousin" when the girls are just a little older . . .

  3. Loved your pictures of the market! I recently found a book at Books-A-Million that is specifically for my camera. It is easier to follow than the manual that came with it. Perhaps one will come out soon on yours too (since you may have lost the manual.) It is published by focalpress.com if you want to check and see if they have one coming out on your camera. Of course, my camera has been out a while. We are going to Colorado on Thursday so I'm looking forward to putting my camera to good use! Our friends said the fall colors should be near their peak. Hope so!

  4. Beautiful pictures with your new camera. I bet the instruction book is on-line.

  5. Beautiful pictures, Debi. Even if you don't know how to use your new camera yet. donna