Tuesday, July 20, 2010

French Color Makes Me Smile

I bet it would be hard to find a market more colorful than the Cours Saleya in Old Town Nice, France. Held 6 days of the week, it draws locals and tourists alike for its local products.

Soaps of every color and fragrance, including lavender

which is sold by the scoop.

I can't imagine a spice you would want that's not there.

Fresh vegetables abound

in all vibrant colors,


zucchini blossoms,

all the sun dried tomatoes you could ever want,

fresh garlic,

and "cœur de bœuf" tomatoes--not to be confused with our beefsteak tomatoes in the US.

Are you salivating yet?  How about these cherries,


or the sweetest strawberries I've ever tasted from the region of Carpentras.

What's a market without your bread delivery?

And I leave you today with a beautiful sunflower from the market and wishes for a summer full of color.


  1. Such wonderful colors! You are knocking me out with the pictures!!!

  2. So pretty! Did you take some treats home?

  3. Bonjour Debi,
    The colors are so vibrant in the south, I love all the crayola colored soaps. Glad you are enjoying your holiday!
    Bon week,

  4. How beautiful, this market is an artist's dream. All those colors and patterns everywhere. Such a lovely place to be.

  5. You are right, the colors make one smile.
    If I saw the soaps first, I would have to be careful not to spend my cash right there. Never have I seen so many and in so many colors. That would be a fun market just to stroll and look around.

  6. Beautiful photos Debi - and those lovely zucchini flowers are just waiting to be battered and fried and the apricots how yummy would they taste
    love your site
    Dianne xx.

  7. Love all the color! Happy Summer to you also my friend.

  8. Well, this is just a sumptuous visual feast, Debi! I have put this market on the must visit list for our next trip to France. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and tour. Have a lovely weekend! – g

  9. Wow ... loved those colors and your commentary always adds to the enjoyment. It's still my dream to "do France" with you some day!

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