Monday, July 26, 2010

Summertime in London

For the past couple of years, I've heard over and over from Londoners, how we really didn't even have a summer. This rings true, because for the last two summers I've been here, the weather was more often than not, very cool and rainy. Not this summer though. London has enjoyed some of the driest and warmest weather in recent years. Some days have been pretty uncomfortable, since most homes do not have air conditioning, and the green spaces are not very green any more, but it has been nice to have a real summer for a change. During the weeks I spent in London this year, the umbrella was rarely opened. Instead the sunglasses got a lot of use.

It was fun to spot the signs of summer around town. A mobile ice cream truck serving free treats on Sloane Square one evening to celebrate the opening of the new Topshop on Knightbsbridge.

It was not uncommon to see children stripping down to enjoy the fountains at Duke of York Square,

Or the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park.

Workmen caught naps wherever they could

 trying to find a cool breeze in the heat of the day.

A perfect time to have dinner on our rooftop terrace with visitors from the States.

People coming and going, moving in and moving out.

Little girls in summer school uniforms 

say good bye as the end of the school year came to a close.

Lazy afternoons on Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park.

And the excitement of the Queen's Garden Party before she heads off on summer holiday. Stay tuned for more of this scene in a blog coming your way soon.


  1. Hey... a summer in London no matter the weather, beats a summer in Houston ANYDAY. I know of what I speak having spent a lot of summers in Houston!

    I will share my Paris plans right now. We arrive in Paris on Friday, Sept. 24 and we leave on Sat. Oct. 2. We are open to anything if you are in London at that time. We are open to seeing you on either side of the Channel! Let us know. We have no structure or set plans.

  2. I vote that we all adopt these sweet school uniforms here in the States! I'm glad that corner of the world has been able to enjoy some sun.

  3. Lovely pics ! I would like to be lining up for the Queens garden party - dressed in my prettiest outfit. with a freshly picked rose in my hat. but alas I'm not - so thanks for the photos. at least I can dream.
    Dianne xx

  4. Hi Debi,
    I was especially interested in the lift, lifting the items to the 4th floor.

  5. I so enjoyed seeing your lovely photographs of London. That rooftop terrace looks wonderful. I love the photograph of the two little girls. My friend was visiting from London just this week. We had so much to catch up on, I hadn't seen her since I went to London to visit. My friend had told me about the garden party, such a beautiful sight to see all those lovely hats.

  6. Well, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. How did I ever forget the Queen's Garden Party.
    Look forward to your pictures.

    What a grand place to sit outdoors on your terrace, day or night.

  7. When was that fountain put in? Don't recall seeing it.
    I can't even imagine London warm enough to frolic in a fountain, when I was there is was DREADFUL. Looks lovely - I can not WAIT to see more of the garden party!

  8. I love going out with you on these day trips, no matter what the weather. You are a gifted photographer!

  9. What a fun summer you have had. Beautiful photos.

  10. I well remember some sweltering days in London in the summer where there is no such thing as air conditioning! But it's still the best city even then. I love your rooftop terrace – lucky you! Thank you for sharing.