Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scavenger Hunt at Alfie's

We're always doing fun and interesting things with the American Women's Club here in London, and last week was no exception. Antiquing is great sport in Britain, and this time we headed out to Alfie's Antique Market for a scavenger hunt. Each of us was given a list of objects to find in the collection of shops as we toured around and did some shopping.

Jewelry, silver, vintage clothes, furniture and bric-a-brac filled the shops. Photos were not allowed, sad to say, other than this one shot from the front door, but we were all entertained as dealers took the time to share history and stories about the objects for sale.

After exploring through the labyrinth of shops to find our list of items which included everything from biscuit holders, to coffee tables, to a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe, we took our turns at the "tie-breaker" test. We were given 9 silver, or silver plated utensils and were asked to identify their purpose. Would you be able to tell how these were all used?

Come on, give it a try!

Starting from the left, the first one stumped everyone, It fits in the spout of a teapot, to keep the loose tea from falling into your cup. The second is a pickle fork, fairly popular and easy to find in antique markets these days. The third is a scoop for tea leaves. The fourth was tricky. It is a clip to hold a tablecloth in place. The rooster utensil is an egg cutter. I just saw an antique one here for $1415--wow! Wish I would have priced the one at Alfie's!  Finally, the fifth is a Stilton cheese scoop.

Moving along, the first in this picture is a sugar scoop to transfer sugar from a bigger container to a smaller one. The next pierced spoon is a sifter spoon--powdered sugar on strawberries, anyone? Finally the last object was a marmalade spoon. The most surprising thing of the day is that I got a third prize gift certificate, so that meant back to the store to shop some more, where.....

I found this silver plated meat fork with a mother of pearl handle for just a wee bit more (OK, for 20£ more!) You know you can't let a gift certificate just clutter up your purse!!! Hope you enjoyed playing along with me!


  1. This event was so much fun. I can't wait to go back! Hey thanks for adding my blog to your list of favs! Have a safe trip and we'll see ya'll in the morning!

  2. I wish I had been along. What fun!

  3. Don't you love events that are both entertaining and informative? I was in the ball park with a couple of guesses on the utensils, but the only one I felt certain about was the sifter spoon. I have a spoon similiar to the marmalade spoon but mine is about the size of a teaspoon and I think mine is perhaps a sugar shell, but have never check on it. Very interesting post.

  4. what a fun outing! my mother in law could
    have identified each utensil, but i, alas, am
    hopelessly clueless.

    thank you for the silver utensils 101 class.
    now, i can show off a bit with her. :)

  5. I played your little game above and the first item my first thought was it was some kind of tea strainer device...that looks like a fun event.

  6. Love this post! Always learning new things .....

  7. Oh what a lovely Antique Market, wish I could surely visit there. I used to belong to the American Women's Club when I lived in Hong Kong. I mentioned your wonderful blog and adorable posts about Padington on my post today.