Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pillars of the Earth

For those of you in the US who love medieval stories of England, set your TV's to record on Friday night, July 23rd, the opening of the 8 part mini-series Pillars of the Earth. Based on the epic novel of the same name written by Ken Follett, the story tells the tale of the building of a cathedral in 12th century England, amidst religious strife, political struggles, and best of all, love.

If you have not read the book, I highly recommend it, as did Oprah sometime back when it became one of her favorites. She tells more about the filming of the series and interviews on her website. The book is a page turner, and you'll be surprised how much you learn as you are caught up in the storyline. You would have to be super human to read the book before tomorrow, because it is quite the epic novel, but by all means if you have the channel Starz, record it to watch at some point. And if you do have Starz and you do record it, would you invite me over to see it, because, alas, I do not have it.

For those of you in Britain, hang on, because Channel 4 has acquired the broadcast rights and will air it sometime later in 2010. You can find out more about the storyline and the filming process here.

Here's the trailer, and as always, if you click once and then another time it will go to YouTube where you can see it full screen. Enjoy, and let me know if you watch it. I'm still here in London watching current history unfold!


  1. You are on the ball...I just got this announcement! Loved the book, will be setting the sling box for this one! Cheers!

  2. I've just added this to my goodreads list. I'm very intrigued!

  3. I too do not have Starz and will have to wait for the the inevitable time it appears on DVD. I have read the book and then on a long trip my hubby and I listened to it on tape. Quite a passionate read and epic. Thanks for the heads the way...I FINALLY got up my Keep Calm and Carry On framed teatowel and thought of you. Have a great weekend.

  4. Read the book! Can't wait for the movie! Thanks for the heads-up!

  5. Thank you for posting this. I love the sound of that book.

  6. i have had that book recommended by so many
    people i admire. alas, we do not carry that
    station, either.

    will just have to read the book! thank you for
    the reminder.


  7. Thanks for the heads up. I did not see it listed in our state, but hopefully I just missed the opening. I am interested in architecture, but was still surprised how the description of the construction of the cathedral was so interesting.

  8. My husband, ever a reader of history, loves this book. He's been telling me about the miniseries for weeks. We do not have Starz... drat... but on Saturday afternoon, we were lounging around and decided to open our Netflix Instant view, and find an old movie or something. Low and behold... there was a Starz catagory... and THERE IT WAS... PILLARS OF THE EARTH... first two episodes. My husband about died!!!!! He was so excited. I found it rude and bloody... right up HIS alley! LOL. When it was over he informed me he's going to read the book... again!!!!