Thursday, July 8, 2010

Misery Bear in London

Sticking with the BEAR theme, I love this little video of Misery Bear put together by the guys at BBC. For all of you who have ever been first time travelers in London, I think you will enjoy this. I think we need to hook up Misery Bear and Paddington, because after all...Misery loves company.

Click  once on the play arrow and then again on the screen to view the full screen.


  1. Poor Misery Bear! I get to see Jordan next week! Wahoo!!!

  2. oh, poor little guy. i know just how he feels
    sometimes. thanks for sharing.

  3. You have the best blog, Debi. I love to drop by. Misery Bear was too funny. We can all relate to him. By the way, the pictures from your Russian vacation were gorgeous!

  4. HI! I am so glad you commented cause it reminded me I have not been around to your blog in a long tim!
    In case you do go to the video store I wanted to mention that the movie is called Sweet Land, not Sweet Life. Didn't want you to have trouble finding it.
    Best wishes in the give away!

  5. Misery might be in need of a support group to help make his life more bearable.