Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bits and Pieces Along the Way

I'm sure you've gathered by now, that I had fun taking a lot of photos with my new camera on our trip to the Cotswolds in late September. Hope you've had a chance to look at the earlier posts with my best photos, but there were just a few fun ones left over that didn't make the cut in the original blogs on the Cotswolds. Like this view????

So did this group of painters painting by the riverside--what a peaceful day they were having. I would have liked to take her painting and frame it right away for my house in London. Is it nosy to look over a painter's shoulder? I sure wanted to stick around and watch.

This might be a little hard to see unless you click on the photo to enlarge it. It's named the Vine House, and unlike the beautiful and flaming red vines we saw all over the countryside, this one is still very green and if you look closely, you'll see small grapes growing towards harvest time. Wonder if they make a little wine from these? You could just pluck a snack as you went out your front door.

On one of our walks, we saw these stones. A mini Stonehenge, perhaps?

Hope you don't need any drugs if you have the swine flu, because you are definitely not welcome in the pharmacy if you do.

In the small town of Upper Slaughter, you could help yourself to some fresh vegetables or homemade jam on the side of the road--just leave a little donation in the jar. Can you imagine how nice that would be to be able to leave a money jar outside your house and feel assured that no one would take it?

Looks like a fox running across this thatched roof, but we were told that each roof-maker tops his completed roof with a certain emblem. It's his form of advertisement.

Loved the animals we saw along the way, like this mama and her ducks

and these love birds cooing overhead

and the cows grazing in the meadows.

If you needed a little "poo," that could be arranged for just 3 pounds a sack. Wonder how big the sack is???

And lest you forget, Please Dogs, Please All of Us, Don't Foul the Churchyard. Sound advice, and that's a good note to end on....

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  1. I have a feeling it's the photographer, not the camera that is making such great photos.