Thursday, October 1, 2009

Homes in the Cotswolds

I wonder what it would be like to live in the Cotswolds surrounded by pastoral landscapes,

sheep at every turn,

with rock fences keeping them contained, and separating land from one owner to another?

Which village would I want to live in? We must have visited about 10 towns.

Mike and I played a game on our travels. Which house would we choose to live in if we could pick? Maybe you'd like to play along? This is house number 1.

Maybe you would prefer a timbered house-number 2,

with a stone slate roof so common to most houses.

Or perhaps this one would strike your fancy-number 3.

Some were slightly obscured from the road-number 4,

or surrounded by a well cared-for garden- number 5.

This one seemed to be a newer construction- number 6.

How about one with a thatched roof? Number 7

Being practical, you might choose one with a new "roof job." Number 8

This one was a former church converted to a home-a holy selection, to be sure. Number 9

Or you might have big dreams of a manor house. There were several in the region that could be yours. This is number 10. How about it? Where do you think you could put down roots? I'll be anxious to hear your selections, and then I'll tell you mine.


  1. They are all absolutely gorgeous....and oh how I favorites are #1 and day, I will get over there....!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Cathi,
    I really hope you get there someday. It's a place like no other! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I would choose number 5 or 6 based on the beautiful grassy areas around them. Another lovely post, Debi.

  4. Debi, I enjoy traveling on your coattail.... My favorite is #1. -donna

  5. The thatched room in #7 caught my fancy! Somehow I don't think my realtor husband would approve.

  6. What a wonderful game.They are all so picturesque.I believe I would choose #6. I adore the beautiful grounds and the peacefulness it presents.Thanks for taking us alone once again.

  7. Guess I missed these blogs in the past...but I'd choose #1 or #6. Hope you're having a great trip!