Monday, October 5, 2009

Seasons of our lives

Fall can sneak in quietly at the end of a summer you hope won't slip away,

or can enter with confidence in a blaze of glory.

Such is the case in the Cotswold landscape, where fall has not entered meekly.

It shouts for attention

and demands one sit up and take notice.

The process of change

leads to a pause

and moments of reflection,

giving thanks

for the seasons

of our lives.

Savor each and every one. The fruit is ripe for the picking. Reach out and enjoy.


  1. Gorgeous pictures...could eat those cherries right now!
    ALso like the American/ English'd you do that?

  2. Loved your pictures and text! You are truly inspirational, friend.

  3. Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful friend. And may I say AMEN!

  4. Your photos are unreal...

    I must know what camera you use.

    You are so talented!!!

    From one Gigi to another... by the way... my daughter is pregnant!!!! Grandbaby #2 is on the way.


  5. Teri,
    Another one on the way! That's so exciting. Can you imagine double the pleasure--double the fun? My new camera is the Nikon D3000, a new model for people who are just starting to enter the SLR world. I don't know the tricks yet, still using automatic setting for now.

  6. I have heard of that camera from a few people. I wish I would've gotten my nerve up to buy it before Paris.. but there's always next time! LOL

    Yes, double the fun will be great! I just bought pre-cutout Halloween cookies for Leila and I to bake when she's over here Monday. My daughter and son-in-law are closing on their new home. So excited for them, and excited to help set up a new nursery!

    That video of your granddaughter was precious!


  7. What beautiful photos! I would love to see the awesome beauty of changing leaves someday.