Saturday, October 24, 2009

October Birthdays

Meanwhile back in Texas, it's birthday month! My older son Ryan, on the left, turned 30, so his wife gave him a "Good-bye to the 20's" party, and all the guests came in period costume. Here you'll see Ryan and his wife, Allison, along with Jason and his wife, Cristen.

I thought the girls were especially lovely,

but the guys were dashing too. Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today we celebrated Jordan's two year old birthday with her family and a few friends.

Her creative mommy came up with an idea for a "Two-two" party.

Ballerinas of every size came.

Our fountain was dressed for the party.

Real ballerinas came and gave pointers.

Even the boys were fascinated, or "gobsmacked" as they say in London.

Little Troy caught on quite quickly.

And the mommies and aunts were fast learners too.

Opening presents was the most fun of all

especially the furry kind who make great friends.

Too much fun and too-too much attention made for one very tired girl. Happy Birthday Jordan. We love you!


  1. Oh so precious, especially the napping ballerina. What fun!

  2. Oh, Debi! That is the cutest thing...and what a creative idea, to have a "tu-two" party! I love the fountain and the little boy who was plum "gobsmacked"! How amazing, that you have allowed me to share in the fun of your precious Jordan's birthday party! I feel so very blessed. Jordan is a living doll! Thanks so very much for the pics and great commentary! I miss you!

  3. This party is TWO-TWO cute!!!!!!!!! I love that idea so much.

    The other birthday party was cute too.

    Looks like you have such a fun family. Can't wait till we meet someday. I just know it's going to happen.


  4. What a great ideal! Loved the tired ballerina the best!