Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Buckland Manor

During our explorations in the Cotswolds, we decided to stay at Buckland Manor, a traditional country house hotel situated in the small hamlet of Buckland. The core of the house was originally built in the 13th century, and wings were added through the centuries. The property was first mentioned as early as 600 AD, when the original structure was listed in the records of Gloucester Abbey.

The house stayed in the possession of the Abbey until 1536 when it passed into the hands of the Grensham family. Since that time, it has been occupied by several different families until being turned into a boutique hotel. In World War II, it was occupied by the Red Cross.

Next to the hotel is St. Michael's church which dates from the 13th century and has changed little since the Middle Ages.

It's surrounded by beautiful rose gardens,

which were in full bloom on this September weekend.

The surrounding landscape is spectacular with views of grazing sheep and horses.

The grounds draw you out of the hotel and invite you to explore.

Everywhere you turn there are soothing views,

flowers in bloom,

and views of the fertile Vale of Evesham.

Inside the hotel, the thirteen guest rooms are beautifully furnished. Views through the leaded glass windows remind you of what surroundings await you just outside.

Cozy rooms, furnished with antiques

invite you to relax

and make you feel welcome at every turn.


  1. I want to change my vote to this one.

  2. another time, really. Through your wonderful blog, you are taking us all, right along with you, and what an experience it has been so far! Thanks for taking the time to let us tag along...

    Love you!

  3. HEY....I DID IT! FINALLY! AND WITH A PIC, EVEN!!! HA! Suh-weet success... :D!

  4. Wow!! What an amazing place to stay!