Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back Across the Pond

Flew back to Houston yesterday after a couple of weeks in London.

It was pretty chilly this trip, even though the calendar said it was March. Coats, gloves and scarves for most of my stay. Warmed up the day I was leaving, of course!

Try as I may to find signs of spring, I had to resort to finding color in the local florists' shops.

There, everything was abloom.

I did find a couple of signs of spring making an early appearance in London, here

and here. A couple of tulips showing off as first blooms, alongside a few crocus flowers.

I must admit it did feel really good coming back to temperatures of 70 degrees in my own backyard here in Houston. A few things changed while I was gone. The time sprung forward, the price of gasoline is now 10 cents higher, Liberty of London is now at my Target store, and the US Census was in my mailbox. Time to switch gears again for a few weeks. Good to finally greet you spring!


  1. I must admit I am having a little trouble adjusting to late spring. I was in Dallas last weekend and all the trees were in bloom. Not here yet. Oh well, how sweet it will be when they do start to bloom.

  2. Seriously... I LOVE your backyard. I have been looking for a statue like that. Where ever did you get it?

    Love those books too... London??? So pretty.

    Your photography is really impressive. I can see improvement since you first got your camera.

    Welcome home!

  3. Thank you for the gorgeous shots of colors of spring. The Lord is refreshing us indeed. But then I look at your last garden pic and wonder...what is she reading? Welcome home!

  4. Wow, if I think too much after looking at these beautiful pictures, I could begin to cry. I love London. I remember walking through Hyde Park as the daffodils burst into bloom and thinking I was in the loveliest little corner of the world. Thanks for reminding me of those wonderful times, Debi. I hope you have a great few weeks at home with your family and friends. Here's to the arrival of spring!

  5. Thanks so much for your lovley comment.I´m so glad that the weather was today sunny and warm.Spring has arrived and hopefully for few more days.If not, i jump to your blog and look to these wonderful pictures. Have a lovley weekend...;)...

  6. Love the shot of your back yard, Debi. Very nice!! Enjoyed your flower pics too, of course. We did find some Spring color, didn't we?! Thank goodness for flower and garden shops!