Saturday, March 20, 2010

Macarons in London

Are you in love with macarons, like I am? Please note, they are not what we call "macaroons" in the US, but instead a delicate cookie pastry with a cream filling which is known for its intense and sometimes interesting flavors. Paris is known for the best macarons in the world, and that is where I first grew to love them.

The most famous seller of macarons can be found at the world renowned Ladurée in Paris, (love their website) and now located in a few other cities around the world, as well. They sell 15,000 macarons a day in Paris alone. A trip to Paris for me is not complete without some lemon and chocolate macarons--some I eat on the spot and others I bring back home. The range of flavors and colors tease you on each visit, but I stick to my tried and true flavors of choice.

Luckily for me, living in London part time, there are now two locations here--one on Piccadilly Street and one in Harrod's ("No pictures, madam!") Here you see a photo of the Ladurée window in Paris.

Running a close second behind Ladurée is Pierre Hermé in Paris, whose Left Bank shop often has customers lined up outside the door. Big news for London is the recent opening of Pierre Hermé in the Selfridges department store in London as seen here.

When I was in London this past visit, it was one of the first places I had to check out to see how it compared to the original patisserie in Paris. I was not disappointed--the selection of flavors was so tempting. Choices included passion fruit with chocolate, quince with rose, salted caramel, pistachio, dark chocolate with black currant, and my selection for the day- strawberry with balsamic vinegar. Delicious! Pierre Hermé is known to be very creative with flavors and features several new flavors each season--just as the designers change their collections for the season.

Today, March 20 is the Jour du Macaron day in Paris--Macaron Day! At Pierre Hermé and a few other patisseries in Paris and around the world, customers will line up for a selection of 3 free macarons. In return, it is customary to give a donation at the door to a selected charity. Pierre Hermé created the idea 5 years ago, and it has been a huge success each year. Let's see, 3 free for me, get back in line for 3 more, and then get back in line for....
Houston, are you listening? Macarons are all the rage--who's going to step up and fill the orders here?


  1. What a scrumptious and colorful post today. My first macaron ever was this summer in LONDON. I had never noticed these lovelies before (even though I had sadly traveled to Paris 3 times before...I must have been blind)and then realizing that there were Paul's bakeries in London and one near Covent Garden I bought some to the curious stares of my mom-in-law and step daughter. My small variety flavor box was devoured before I had a chance to taste them all but I loved the coffee, chocolate, lemon and pistachio.

  2. Oh my word, Debi. Those macaroons look incredible. Not at all the cookie I usually associate with that name here in America. I have only seen macaroons such as those in your pictures in a French bakery in New Orleans. The French are indeed amazing! I would love to visit Paris, but until I can, thank you for letting me vicariously travel through you. And Selfridges! I remember it well. Thank you for the lovely, day-brightening post!

  3. we are taking our girls to paris in april
    and will most definitely be tasting the
    lovely macarons.

    thank you for the best place to enjoy


  4. Very nice blog and wonderful pics!
    And if you wish more best place to enjoy French Macaron you can read my blog.
    See you! Julie from France

  5. I found a French bakery in Sarasota a few days ago, and bought a box of macarons. I put it on my facebook, and someone told me I spelled it wrong... anyway... they were really good, even way over here in Florida! Great post.
    Lovely pictures... as always.

  6. OH... and I took my flip video camera in Harrods, and got some great video of the bakery section. Then someone noticed me... that was the end of that... at least they were really nice about it!

    I felt like a dumb tourist... wait... I WAS a dumb tourist!!! :)

  7. They look so delicious...I wonder if anyone will make decent macarons in Australia one day??? Probably not!

    I hope you don't mind but I have "tagged" you for a little "award" at my blog.

    Best wishes for a wonderful week,

  8. They look delicious! For some reason, as I was reading your post, my mind (and appetite) travelled to Italy for all the wonderful flavors of Gelato. I wonder if Macarons and Gelato would taste good together...hmmm!

  9. Beautiful Blog! So glad Natasha sent me your way...I'm now a follower! It seems you are livving the best of both excited to read about them!

  10. I love your blog! Amber had told me about it a few weeks ago, then the link began to appear
    on Facebook! You are generous to share your wonderful finds as well as travel with so many.

  11. I have never had a macaroon of this kind. They look yummy. Also, you can tell who mother and daughter are, as you were talking about all of the flavors, I couldn't help but think of the array of flavors in artisan gelato in Italy! Kelly

  12. I am all about a great macaroon! But those look so different, and not at all what I'm used to....however - those look DELISH!!!!