Friday, March 26, 2010

Texas Tea time

My son married into an incredible family. You just get lucky like that sometimes--I could have shopped around for years and not found anyone as loving, warm and welcoming. Here's the icing on the cake--they are all so talented, and smart, and funny and great hostesses who really know how to do "tea" right. Not the iced tea we are accustomed to enjoying in Houston, but a proper tea, English style. Their expertise comes from years of reading, research, and on-the-job tastings. When Cristen's mother and aunt came to London to visit last year--I think they tried out 5 different afternoon tea spots around town. Their top vote this trip went to The Connaught Hotel. You can read their menu here.  Cristen says they are "scone snobs" in the best way, because they have high standards and search London every time they visit for the very best. I don't think you can go wrong with one of their recommendations.

Last month, the "Committee," which is their pet name for themselves, had us over for tea. Beautiful silver, English china and crystal adorned the table.

Only the finest tea was served--my flavor of choice was apricot.

I was warned to come hungry. The tea was staged over four courses, starting with a salad,

followed by a course of sandwiches. Cucumber sandwich, chicken salad, and my favorite, crab cakes.

The next course was homemade scones. That is Cristen's aunt's specialty, and boy does she excel. Can't find any scones as tasty as hers here in London. I love loading mine up with fresh cream, and then topping it off with jam.

You know when you think you can't eat a bite more, and then a dessert course is placed right in front of you that you can't resist?  Chocolate cup, cookie and strawberry. Divine!

And of course, the tea flowed as well as the conversation. Lovely afternoon, lovely people and a wonderful memory. Thanks, ladies! It was truly royal treatment-Texas style!


  1. What a neat post and a side of Cristen's family that I didn't know.

  2. OH, it all sounds so wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Being a scone snob is by no means a bad thing. This is a very lovely post.

  3. oh my goodness! we spent a few days in
    london at the connaught . . . about 30 years

    it's one of my very favorite places and
    looks like a wonderful tea spot. we didn't
    get to enjoy that.


  4. oh wow! I didn't know this about Cristen's family. I must say that my husband can make a mean scone as well! :) Kelly

  5. What beautiful pictures of a beautiful afternoon. Isn't fun being a girl? My sister-in-law makes killer scones. I think I'll try to make some too!